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Member Reports from Borahan Aydoğmuş

May 31


To a world without restraints! At April 28th 2017, Engelsiz Hacettepe Club hosted an event called Engelsiz Festival 2. The festival was supported by various foundations such as SERÇEV, ÇENGEL ATÖLYE, ÇENGEL KAFE, BİZİM ÇOCUKLAR SPOR KULÜBÜ and many others. Made for people with various disabilities, the event in total have reached out around 250 children and adult people. We were there for sun observation and giving small talks about astronomy and science. You can find the event link here: And for Engelsiz Hacettepe Club: Read More...

Apr 13

Yuri's Night 2017

12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin, with his spacecraft Vostok, completed an orbit of the Earth. Our events purpose was to celebrate this days anniversary. We made presentations about, astronomy, beginning of rockets, Life and death of Yuri Gagarin, Is there life beyond the atmosphere and if there is at what form?, and lastly Astrobiology; Biology of Aliens. The slides were made by Yahya Kemal Altınok, Kutlu Kağan Şahbaz, and Merve Ak. After our presentations in collaboration with Mustafa Aydın, Murat Sana and Yunus Emre Aydın about Astrophotography, how to begin it, which camera is better use for this field and... Read More...