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Member Reports from Suhel Ahmeti

May 27

We now possess the Observatory of Pristina and we are seeking for support!

Dear friends, I want to share this exciting news with you. We now possess the Observatory of Pristina. It might not be the best place but as for the moment it is a giant leap for Kosovo. For decades, our society has shown an indifference to astronomy until 2014 when the first science and astronomy club "Astronomy Club of Kosovo" was founded, opening the way for the establishment of several other astronomy groups in other cities of Kosovo and spreading the beautiful meaning to everyone. We can't wait to open to the public! Now all we need is to renovate... Read More...

May 07

GLOBAL ASTRONOMY MONTH 2018 - Pristina, Kosovo

My heart swells when you see the faces of the people after looking through a solar telescope for the 1st time. To mark the "Astronomy Week" and GAM - Global Astronomy Month from Astronomers Without Borders, American Corner Pristina kindly hosted Astronomy Club of Kosovo. Our representatives presented the activities, goals, ambitions, passion and opportunities, donations, and the latest about science and astronomy as well as its massive culture in the world. We celebrated GAM with many activities such as workshops, astrophotography exposition, free handouts - magazines, promoting and publicizing AWB programs etc. We also distributed free solar glasses to... Read More...

Feb 13

AWB is growing in Kosovo (ACK - AstroFER)

What a great successful & productive way of starting 2017. In the premises of UP - Faculty of Education, Dep. of Physics in Pristina we held a joint a friendly meeting between our club ACK/AWB and the non-formal group from Ferizaj, Kosovo AstroFER. During the meeting there were presentations from both groups where we discussed the achievements so far donations, plans, projects, cooperation, support and activities that we will implement during 2017. There was a presentation about AWB programs and community and the way individuals, groups or clubs can be involved. This year for the 2nd time Kosovo will be... Read More...

Jan 29

Publicizing AWB programs and getting people, clubs and other schools in Kosovo involved.

Publicizing AWB programs and getting people, clubs and other schools in Kosovo involved. With the invitation of the Prof. of Physics & Astronomy Mr. Rahmani, we held an outreach solar event / activity at the Gymnasium of Natural Sciences Xhavit Ahmeti in Gjilan. Students of the school were presented with the news of astronomy, demonstrated the telescope and we observed the sunspots through solar glasses & binoculars as well using the protective filter on the telescopes. With the beginning of the next semester, the Gymnasium will form a non formal group of astronomy within the school with the help of... Read More...

Nov 12

UP / FSHMN / Physics Dep.

11/12/2016 - Pristina Launching the online application form to become part of our club was quiet successful. Within a week time period we received over 100+ applications. Our meeting was held in the premises of University of Pristina - FSHMN - Physics Dep. in Pristina with the newest members of our club and also promoting AWB programs and the way how can the new members be included. The participants were informed about the history of ACK, all current activities, donations, founders, plans and projects of the future and we presented a video of our three year work until now. At... Read More...

Nov 09


From the most successful program of AWB the BIG PROJECT and the Fiat Physica campaign, now AstroFest in Kosovo will receive three "One Sky" Telescopes. After being assigned as a National Coordinator for Kosovo this year, since then me and my team have done a wonderful job promoting and publicizing the AWB programs to our community in Kosovo and all the people who love science and astronomy. Thankfully this time AstroFest in Kosovo benefited from the AWB - BIG PROJECT. Astronomy Club of Kosovo, was so privileged to benefit this year from the AWB Crowdfunding Campaign, a successful BIG campaign... Read More...

Aug 24

AstroCamp & Hiking Trip - Prizren 2016

20 - 21 August 2016 Attached you will find some photos of the last camp organized in the collaborating with Exploring (Hiking Trips). We had a chance to represent AWB and use the ONE SKY telescopes during our camp. A super night by observing celestial bodies with telescopes and the next day a top super walking at Skarpa 2474 meters altitude. On the night of August 20 the second edition of the festival of astronomy AstroFest was held but this time in the form of astronomy camp. The camp was organized in cooperation with the mountaineering club Exploring and in... Read More...