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Member Reports from Hafez Murtza ( Muhammad Hafez bin Ahmat Murtza )

Jan 01

407 Malaysian kids learn about Mars in Malaysia “Insight Mars landing” Junior Space Camp

(Photo : We learn about our home before we explore Mars) Kuala Lumpur 2018, Numbers of 407 Malaysia kids has been exposed with Nasa Insight Mars landing event end of November in 2018. The objective of the program is exposed our kids with planet Mars Planet and human exploration. The event has been organized into 2 phase, Pre and posts landing. The pre-landing event participated by 122 kids divided into 2 session day after another. During the pre-session, participant learns details and explore planet Mars. They also have been taught about insight mission and what they can expect during the... Read More...

Oct 28

Unawe Malaysia Young Space Camp in conjunction with World Space Week 2018

6 October 2018 - Apadilangit (Universe Awareness Malaysia) organized Malaysia Space Camp in conjunction with World Space Week 2018. Main objective of this camp is to inspire Malaysia young generation with our wonderful cosmos. It is also to promote global citizenship. 30 primary schools students around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor participated in this event. Most of the activities are hands-on activities. Students work in groups of 5 and do the activities given. Participants are asked to write their Cosmic address and later exploring our solar system with puzzle and crossword puzzle. The fun part is building sun, earth and moon... Read More...

May 06

Malaysia GAM2016 : Youngster Interest with Space Exploration Increase with Tech Approach.

I believe our young generation's interest towards space exploration will increase with technology enhanced approaches in teaching STEAM. In celebrating Global Astronomy Month April 2016, Universe Awareness Malaysia had organized an event named “Let's Explore Our Sky”. In order to attract youngsters' interest, organizer uses Frog VLE (Frog Virtual Learning Environment) as a platform of learning and presentation.Click here : .Primary students aged from nine to thirteen years old from various school surrounding Sentul area were invited to the event. The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with curiosity – with questions about the solar system, galaxy... Read More...

Apr 04

Malaysia Partial Solar Eclipse Students Awareness via Virtual Learning Environment

Reported by: Hafez Murtza (astrorunner) Front page of In conjunction of Malaysia Partial Solar Eclipse on 9 March 2016,I organized an awareness campaign for schools,teachers and students across Malaysia.Objectives of the campaign are to create awareness about partial solar eclipse,encourage schools to organize event on the day and to get students and teachers across Malaysia to engage and participate via online platform.Therefore,I've created a site for teachers and students references and place to share their excitement and activities they organized. This learning site is a Virtual Learning environment (VLE) platform called ‘Frog' provided by the Ministry of Education for... Read More...