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Member Reports from Roaya Amateur Astronomers' Society

Aug 09

Astronomy Camp In Tajura

Tajura city's central scout camp, in Libya, has witnessed one of the biggest astronomy camps in Libya this August. The camp was organized by Roaya-Tripoli team, where they managed to set four space workshops and other interesting activities. The astronomy camp was a huge success along with the mesmerizing nature views. Read more in subsequent articles. Read More...

Jul 09

"Stars Are Your Guidance", Derna, Libya

Adhering Roaya Astro vision regarding the spreading of astronomical knowledge, a lecture entitled "Stars Are Your Guidance" was delivered to Boy Scouts by the assembly's member, Attia Alhasadi on the 26th of June, in the eastern Libyan city, Derna. Mr. Alhasadi demonstrated information and facts that could be helpful for scouts such as finding the four cardinal directions and reading astronomical charts. Interesting information regarding Earth and the Solar System was also presented during the lecture. Read More...

May 04

SPACE101 : Cooperation Between Roaya And Libyan Center For Remote Sensing & Astronomy

One of the effortless supporters in the most famous astronomical event in Libya #SPACE101 was the Libyan Center for Remote sensing and astronomy. This center has contributed with a wide range of selected academic and amature books about astronomy. Roaya member, Mohamed Eljoudi, supervised the fruitful book fair. #GAM2016 #SPACE101 Translated by: Nedal N. Alhassan Read More...

Apr 22

GAM2016: Roaya In Support of Libyan Educational Institutions

Roaya Astro team in the Libyan capital Tripoli, is still playing a valuable role for GAM2016, as they had their last astro lecture in Alkremia high school on Thursday 21. The lecturer,Emad Alsrity talked about the solar system, stars formation, season s of Earth, and basics of astronomical observation by telescopes. The 60 students who joined the lecture had showed great satisfaction towards the event and delivered interesting questions at the end of it Read More...

Apr 22

GAM2016 in Libya : Roaya supports local space communities

As the world celebrates the global astronomy month GAM2016, Roaya astro is in the move for organising hangouts, lectures, meetings, and workshops in all cities of Libya. ROAYA's member in Misrata city, Nedal Alhassan, has held a meeting last Tuesday 19, under the title of "Horizons of the Universe". The meeting was in Misurata University and was attended by students and faculty staff. Read More...

Apr 19

"Facts about the Cosmos",Benghazi, Libya

Among the several educational activities done by Roaya assembly, a lecture entitled " Facts about the Cosmos" was held at a secondary school in Benghazi, on 17th of April, 2016. The lecture was presented by two of Roaya youngest members, Ali Azzentani and Yousef AbdulAziz. Ali and Yousef are students at a secondary school and are both amateur astronomers. This lecture was to support and encourage students to do more of scientific researches to improve the educational system in their institutions.Roya.. For a wider vision Read More...

Apr 16

journey through space - libya

April 12th is an international and historical day for all space and astronomy lovers, on that day the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to step outside the earth's atmosphere. Roaa Society has officially registered in the official website of the international event in order to celebrate it. in light of that, an astronomical lecture entitled "journey through space," has presented yesterday, 12th April by Roya team members Salahuddin Elbutti and Ali Elriani to a group of students and faculty members inside the University of Africa in Tripoli,Libya the lecture comes within the activities of the Global Astronomy... Read More...

Apr 13

Global Astronomy Month- Houn city, Libya

Adhering Roa'ya Assembly's vision regarding the spreading of astronomical knowledge throughout Libya, Salah Albotti, a member of the assembly, presented a lecture entitled "Cosmos: A New Horizon to Humans" and whi ch was delivered to an audience on the 6th of April, at the local theater of the southern city- Houn. This lecture is one among several ones that would be held by the assembly in synchronization with the Global Astronomy Month. Translated by: Amira Shaykh Errakub Read More...

Mar 18

Roaya Astro - A Close Shot of The Moon

This dazzling shot of the moon was captured last night by Roaya Astro, Showing the fine line between the bright and dark sides of the moon. It is quite hard to miss noticing the numerous craters on the surface of the moon, which were caused by the unavailability of a prober atmosphere that works as a shield towards meteors. Moreover, these craters has maintained their current shapes for long periods of time due to the rather slow denudation on the moon. Translated by: Nedal N. Elhassan Read More...

Mar 16

Astronomy Workshops for Scouts in Benghazi, Libya I

A lecture was delivered to Girl Scouts by one of Roaya members, Ali Algargori, within a workshop held in Benghazi. The lecture started with a brief summary about the assembly's activities. Mr. Algargori then explained about the size of planets within the solar system and briefly presented the milky-way and some other galaxies attached with pictures of the planets and other stars and orbs. Finally, he demonstrated the way of locating stars using apps like "Google-Skymap" and other useful applications. Read More...

Mar 10

Jupiter From The Eyes of An Amateur

Khalifa Algadi, a friend of Roaya Astro, captured last night a stunning photo of Jupiter by his Celectron CPC800 telescope and ZWO ASI120MM camera. Algadi used Registax for photo processing to combine three-color photos into one. Translated by: Nedal N. Elhassan Read More...

Mar 08

Observing Jupiter From Libya

This period of the year is considered to be extraordinary to observe planet Jupiter and its marvellous moons. It will be quite possible to spot and track Jupiter at the dome of the night sky, where the planet will be visually clear to observers from east at the night's first hours and to be seen from west at dawn. This photo was captured last night in Tripoli-Libya by Heba Ahmed, a member of Roaya Astro. It is to be noted that planet Jupiter will be in its closest point to Earth by next Tuesday with a distance of about 663537... Read More...