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Member Reports from Michel Deconinck

May 13

Venus and the Pleiads

During this pandemic period, I set-up a serie of videos and propose some observations. The Venus passage near the Pleiades makes a good opportunity, so I ask friends to make photos or sketch of this rare conjunction. Here my granddaughter Zélie (12) making a naked eye sketch of the conjunction. And here, (as I'm a painting teacher), the Venus view from some of my students, click on the dancers. Some artists views of the Pleiads Here my video of the phenomenon: VIDEO Michel Read More...

Apr 16

Sharing observations during the COVID19 period

Because of the lack of careful physical contacts for this strange period, some of my friends ask me to share information about astronomy via the web. So I set up a special page in my web site for this very purpose. Here's the special link : Astronomy in Coronavirus time presentations If the presentations is set-up in the french language, YouTube allows you to request subtitles in your language. To ask that you just have to activate the "parameter" option. Sorry for the sometime "so-so" translation but hopefully you can follows my ideas. Clear and virus free sky Take care... Read More...

May 12

Mercury Transit under clouds

We had a terrible bad weather here in Provence, this is really not common for the saison. At first we visit 4 class of the school of the village of Riez-la-Romaine. We can show them the phenomenon via the SIDC (Solar Influence Data Center) internet site, then we can show nice satellite views in real time. One hundred students were happy to receive answers to an astronomical number of questions. The main message from us was that this kind of transit is used with other stars, by the professionals, to find exoplanets. They like that! After the school we had... Read More...

Sep 30

Eclipse from South-East France

Once is not custom, but in South-East France we had a quite bad weather during the first time of this event, so a lot of the astro fellows decline the session, maybe too early. Anyway we had a triple program and achieve it: - making some timelapse of the full event, - crater timings sought were requested so make timings when the edge of the umbra crosses lunar markings, - and making watercolours of the general atmosphere in a nice landscape. For the first part, Antoine Altura was connected remotely with Michel Sarrau of the Brax observatory (near Agen, so... Read More...