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Member Reports from Instituto Gunstar de Astronomia cultural

Apr 17

The Eternal Blue Star Party

Following for the third week the Gam2017 in Goias follows with a second star Party to The eternal Blue Meeting, a celebration with telescopic observation to proclaim the care with the earth with the nature and to each other in the name comes the desire to see our planet Forever blue Read More...

Apr 04

Global Star Party Infinitys Goias by Gunstar team.

Abertura do Mes Global da Astronomia em Goias, Noite de Observação e Sessão especial de Planetario com som ao vivo com projeto musical Intergalatic Anthem de Guilherme tai e Lucão. Oficial Video Clipe With Eua Legends : hts:// Read More...

Mar 13

Herois Estrelares - Stellar Heros

Gunstar team in partnership with UFG Planetario-IESA, in conjunction with the Organization Super Friends organized a Solidarity event and Science for children in cancer treatment and for low-income children. A day of Theatre and Sessions in dome of the Planetarium where we show the child session Taina kan the story of an Indio that is lost during a hunt and take shelter in a Tree in Night faces Tupi The Moon Goddess and together they travel by night Stellate Brazil of a Science and Friendship Adventure with an easy language to be understood by adults and children with Scene one... Read More...

Sep 30

Gunstar team Rare Super Moon Eclipse

Gunstar Team's first and largest amateur astronomy club Goias and first AstroAdventure ecological club From Brazil affiliated to Astronomers Without Borders des 2013, held two events in Eclipse Day the first was the greeting of the Super Moon on the hill addition, observation moonrise, the second was in conjunction with urumbeta band Space Cutural Event Sounds Alley III where Galera was to Delirio with the views of the eclipse with the naked eye and through the telescope beyond the visions weather the wonderful sound of the band caused at all with your Post Rock style pink floyd Space. In short... Read More...

May 17

Gunstar Concurso Desenhe seu Meteoro Sesi .

Contest draw your meteor and an offering Gunstar team UFG Planetarium & Carlos Augusto Conceived by Professor Rita Aciole Sesi. The competition aims to awaken the scientific interest trough of meteors and their studies. Concurso desenhe seu meteoro e um oferecimento Gunstar team Planetario UFG & Carlos Augusto Idealizado pela Professora Rita Aciole do Sesi . O Concurso visa despertar o interesse cientifico atravez dos meteoros e seus estudos. com amostras de varios meteoritos amostra do solo lunar, marciano, Palest ra Gunstar Parte 1 - Clayton G Saints Palestra Gunstar Parte 2 . Lamartine Brasil Palestra Gunstar Parte 3 .Carlos... Read More...

Apr 29

Global Star Party Goias 2015 Planetario UFG - Gunstar Ultra Violeta Reunião.

Encerrando o Festival da Luz parte 1 O mes Global da Astronomia se despede com uma super reunião da Gunstar na Casa das Estrelas o Planetário UFG apos a infortunidade do festival Ecológico passado quando ficamos sem poder utilizar o patio das Estrelas para nos a Ultra Violeta Reunião foi um dia emocionante de Desejar profundamente Ver as Estrelas no céu ouvir boa musica e apertar os laços de amizade ao mesmo tempo que algumas nuvens negras tenta roubar o brilho do céu. Observação com Telescópios Show com bandas autorais e Com a Astro Space Band : Urumbeta do Espaço... Read More...

Apr 13

Gunstar Lightspeed Meeting - Second Week Alto Paraiso of Astronomy in St. Jorge - Lunar Observation.

The Gunstar started Gam 2015 the most beautiful places In this world a Humanity International Heritage the Chapada of Veadeiros. Lightspeed official meeting Team: Clayton Gubio Dos Santos - Amateur astronomy and director AstroKage. Itallo p Sousa - Logistics. Maiara Steps - Wizard. Zo in Space - Musician Artist of the space theme. Second Week of Astronomy in Alto Paraiso de São Jorge was Sponsored By Charming Restaurant Pizzeria St. Jorge Moon as Traditional Point villa in a strong Sketchpad Astronomy amateur and Ecology with the Partnership for Disclosure of things of space. Note Lunnar with telescopes videos photos Participation... Read More...

Apr 13

Gunstar SunDay Epic Edition 2015 - Astro Adventures in Goias Velho.

Gunstar team UFG Planetarium opened a new Celula in the state of Goias. Sunday Editon Epic Official Team is: Lamartine Brazil - Clayton Gubio - Zo Dias- Jaqueline Jube - Ana Medeiros and Agustinho Veiga. The Old City of Goias internationally registered by UNESCO As a World Heritage historical center of their Filled Brazilian Colonial Style Beauty staged the solar Note in 2015. The Gunstar was the holy Church barbara a more secluded spot to watch the most special moment sunrise besides Rainbow and Fire clouds and stars. Gunstar team Planetário Ufg Abriu uma nova Celula no Estado de Goias.... Read More...