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Member Reports from Leus Elena

May 10

Mercury transit across the solar disk observations in Omsk

May 9 Omsk planetarium for astronomy enthusiasts and residents organized observations of Mercury's transit across the solar disk. On the observation platform worked 7 telescopes. Two of the projected image of the Sun and Mercury on the background screens. Four were equipped with special filters. The most popular Coronado telescope, in which besides the main "active characters" you could see the stunning beauty of the prominences Read More...

Apr 28

Sun Day from Siberia. Omsk. 2016/04/24

April 24 Omsk amateur astronomers and lecturers Omsk planetarium on its observation platform organized a massive solar observations. With the help of one of the telescopes of the solar disk projected image spots on the screen. The second telescope Coronado, everyone could see the "boiling" surface Solna, prominences. Observations began at 13:00 and lasted until 16:00. The observations were accompanied by a small flash mob - a group of visitors, yoga, exercise demonstrated the "Sun Greeting" Read More...

Apr 28

Star Party from Siberia. Omsk. 2016/04/16 and 2016/04/22

April 16 Omsk planetarium on its observation platform from 21.00 to 24.00 held a star party. The visitors, despite the Rain, were able to admire the craters on the Moon, Jupiter system and its four satellites and, thanks to lecturers planetarium, "take a tour" through the constellations. April 22 Omsk amateur astronomers and lecturers Omsk planetarium star party held for visitors to the libraries of the night. Observations began at 21:00 and lasted until 2:00 am Read More...