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Member Reports from Sabyasachi Banik

Jun 24

Solar Observation

Our nearest star,the Sun is a huge globe of hot gas.This charged gas moves and generates powerful magnetic field.The sun's magnetic field goes through a cycle of approximately 11 years known as solar cycle.In a solar cycle the sun's activity is measured in terms of change in the number of sunspots on the solar surface.Sunspots are darker regions of strong magnetic fields and lower temperature than the surrounding photospheric temperature.So sunspots look darker against the brighter photospheric background.They have distinct pattern and can be easily seen when the sun's image is projected onto a white surface. Solar cycle 24 was... Read More...

Jun 23

Annular Solar eclipse of June 21,2020

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Sun and the Earth.There are three types of solar eclipses namely total,annular,partial.In an annular solar eclipse the moon covers the sun from the centre.This makes the outer rim of the sun perceptible and this phenomenon is popularly known as 'ring of fire'.On 21 June,2020 the annular eclipse is visible from parts of Africa,Asia,northern India including Central African Republic,Ethiopia and many other places but since I live in kolkata which is in eastern part of India so from there only the partial eclipse is visible.I caputured some pictures of the event... Read More...