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Member Reports from William Afonso

Apr 30

A night when we Captured Uranus

by William Afonso

In better times before Covaid19 brought the world to a Standstill, a Dream came true on a Cool Night in the City of Mangalore, Karnataka State on the Western Coast of India. It was Feb 17 2020 when after a Patient search we Managed to Capture a Glimpse of the Closest Planet to the Sun not Visible via to Naked Eye - Uranus. The pale Blue planet was seen at about 40 Degrees West over the Horizon. The capture was done with a 6 inch Orion telescope and a Vivo Camera. Alongside me were two Wonderful Employees Ujjwal Chaturvedi and... Read More...

Mar 01

Skywatching on Leap Year Day

by William Afonso

Feb 29 2020 was of course a celebration of a Day which Come once in 4 Years. And considering that there is an astronomic reason for this , the best way to celebrate this was By Celebrating astronomy Itself. A Group of astronomy enthusiasts gathered t the City of VASCO DA GAMA , Goa , India to watch the Skies. There were three telescopes setup for the event one being a 10 inch Orion Company made Reflector telescope, another was a 2.7 Inch celestron telescope while the Last was a Legacy 2 Inch Unitron telescope. Surpising to say the Unitron... Read More...

Feb 16

As temperatures rise Mercury Sets

by William Afonso

A Click of Planet Mercury onthe evening of Feb 12'th 2020 from Mudipu town in Mangalore , Karnataka South India. A Team of enthusiasts waited patiently to see the Planet nearest to the Sun. Mercury is seen either Rising over the Horizon before Sunrise or Setting over the Horizon after Sunset. Due to its proximity to the Sun it is never seen More than 28 Degrees over the Horizon. Below are Pics taken of Mercury with help of a 6 Inch Orion refractor telescope and a Vivi Mobile camera. 1) Taken without a Filter. 2) Taken with a Yellow Filter Read More...

Jan 28

Celestial dance in Festive Times: The Ring of Fire to end the Decade as seen from GOA, India

by William Afonso

South India experienced a Celestial spectal of an Annular eclipse(Ring of Fire) on 26 Dec 2019 to end the Decade. 100% totality was withnessed in cities like Mangalore, Masargood Coimbatore and Erode. Goa my Homestate lies on the West coast pf India about 363 miles south of Mumbai and 225 miles north of mangalore. The eclipse was Maximum at 9:25 HRS Indian standard time (3:55 A.M IST) with 82 % of the Sun covered by the Moons Shadow. Amidst Christmas celebrations on the same Day My Village called St.Estevam Island celebrated the Village Church Feast of St.Stephen. Truly the Eclipse... Read More...