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Apr 01

Astronomy Day is April 24th.

90mm will be hosting our first sidewalk star party where the public can stop and view Saturn, Mars and other deep sky objects through our 150mm refractor. We're just going to setup the telescope on the corner of the intersection near our location and talk to the public as they pass by during the evening. Why do this in town where light pollution is, well, outrageous? That's just the point, to bring attention to the problem of light pollution and teach everyone about effective lighting for the community. Read More...

Mar 30


During my trip "From Orient to Occident - One People, One Sky" with my "AWB-Car" I will visit the SAAA (Syrian Amateur Astronomers Asoociation). This will happen on 29.04.2010 during GAM2010. I have an invitation from the people of SAAA and my friends there are planning a little starparty to share the fascination of our sky - One People, One Sky. I will talk about AWB and what our organisation is doing and fullfill my role as an "Ambassador" of Astronomers Without Borders. I will deliver AWB's mission and goal to foster understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries... Read More...

Mar 27

Sidewalk Astronomy in Ireland

Image by Bernard Kelleghan What's going on in this picture? Look at it; we are on the pavement with a huge telescope. We were surrounded by light pollution from street lamps, houses, and a beach front glitzy fun fair. We had several telescopes that evening set up to share the night sky on International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. This image was taken to show our sidewalk astronomy activity using only available light, and was facilitated by members of The Irish Astronomical  Society and South Dublin Astronomical Society. The atmosphere was drenched in yellow lights, spot lights, headlights and town lights. Why... Read More...

Mar 27

Sunset of Peace

by Oana Sandu

Oana's profile Imagine you are in space, the Earth slowly rotating below you as each part of the globe falls into darkness and city lights spot the continents.  It's a stunning view. Now imagine that as nightfall creeps from east to west like a wave flooding the land in darkness, at each national border two groups of astronomers come together from both sides to marvel at the beauty of the stars above.  The scene is repeated at the border of each successive neighboring country as night moves forward, enveloping each in darkness. Circling the Earth, the resulting relay becomes a... Read More...

Mar 25

Using the Virtual Telescope

by Oana Sandu

Oana's profile Have you made your mind up which Remote Observing Program to take part in? If you're going to have " The Universe at your Command ", you may want to read up on how to use this Web-based technology. The Virtual Telescope is a project of the Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Italy. Managed by Gianluca Masi, it consists of a complete observatory that is remotely accessible through the Internet. With cutting-edge technology, assistance from professional astrophysicists and a broad range of capabilities, it is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the world, yet it... Read More...

Mar 22

Featured Events - Bulgaria and Romania

by Oana Sandu

FETU exhibition in Bulgaria helps promote a planetarium in Sofia On March 22nd 2010, the Astronomical Association – Sofia and Sofia Municipality are welcoming the inhabitants and visitors of the Bulgarian capital into the gardens of the National Theatre, where the exhibition “From the Earth to the Universe” will be opened.  This event is a continuation of the program of the Astronomical Association – Sofia to celebrate the International Year of the Astronomy 2009, following its slogan “The Universe – yours to discover!”  The exhibition will continue until April 18th and will be closed during the Night of astronomy, thus... Read More...

Mar 20

Featured Events -- Afghanistan, USA and New Zealand

by Oana Sandu

Afghanistan joins Global Astronomy Month with two projects On 11, 18 and 25 April, The Afghanistan Astronomy Association will hold astronomy lessons in private schools, followed by a painting competition.  Children will have the chance to discover why we have seasons, days and nights on Earth, what happens during an eclipse and how the Earth moves in space.  They will also learn how our ancestors knew the time by making gnomons.  At the end, children will receive astronomy booklets and participate in a painting competition. The second event held during GAM is a star feast that will celebrate a tradition... Read More...

Mar 19

@ all astronomy enthusiasts

by Oana Sandu

Oana's profile Remote observing is definitely the latest thing! Today, technology and the Internet enable us to have access to powerful telescopes by clicking a mouse. No cold endurance event, no instrument preparation, no traveling away from light pollution, just sitting comfortably in a warm room and through simple technology connected to the Internet you can have access to enormous telescopes in dark areas. Pretty amazing! Some of you may think that this takes away the enthusiasm and excitement of observing in the field or the possibility of learning so many things by using your own... Read More...

Feb 15

Global Astronomy Month: Your Ticket For a Great Adventure

Peggy's profile Global Astronomy Month is a kinder, gentler version of 100 Hours of Astronomy.  If weather was not favorable, the planned 100 Hour event would not usually have a back-up plan.  It would be a too-bad-so-sad situation.  A whole month dedicated to astronomy gives you some breathing room and the ability to come up with a “Plan B.”  Plus, it allows you to build momentum and a following at your weekly events that would lead up to the Astronomy Day activities with the Global Star Party in the evening! Astronomy Day, Saturday April 24, will be a great way... Read More...

Feb 01


Hello I am Johannes Stübler, AWB-National-Coordinator of Austria. I am starting my tour “From Orient to Occident-One People, One Sky” on 23.4.2010. I will travell together with my wife with my astro-equipped campervan to some arabic countries. I will do some astronomic observations on the fly and will try to get some contacts to people of Turkey , Syria and Jordan by sharing the fascination of our sky – One People, One Sky. I have established some contacts to official astronomic societies and organisations and I have got some invitations to talk there about AWB and what we are doing.... Read More...

Jan 31

Welcome to GAM 2010!

Mike's profile Welcome to the GAM Blog! As you should know by now, Global Astronomy Month (GAM) is a follow-up to the hugely successful 100 Hours of Astronomy cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. The network of amateur astronomers and others around the world who took part in planning that unprecedented event and many of the tens of thousands of enthusiasts worldwide who took part just didn't want the fun to end. We agree. But this time we have a whole month. Why so long? Are we crazy? Perhaps, but that's not the... Read More...

Jan 18

Welcome to MyBlog!

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