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Apr 23

Sun-Day on Saturday at the Ghana Planetarium

The aim of this event on Saturday 20th April was to celebrate and learn about our nearest star, the Sun, and we had a variety of sun-related hands-on activities planned, including experiments with UV-sensitive beads, making a sundial, and projecting the sun’s image using a Galileoscope. However, despite Ghana’s position just 5 degrees north of the equator and it being one of the hottest times of the year, and despite glorious sunshine in the morning and early afternoon, by the time the event started at 4pm, the sky was well and truly clouded over! Typical! So, plan B came into... Read More...

Apr 21

Spaceflight to the Moon at the Ghana Planetarium

Saturday 13th April saw the second event celebrating Global Astronomy Month 2013 at the Ghana Planetarium, and a good time was had by all! The theme was Astronauts, Spaceflight and teh Moon to coincide (well, almost!) with Yuri’s Night on 12th April. We learned about the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, but how high up does space begin anyway? There was a group activity to discuss and show “How High” various objects can be found eg commercial airliners, meteors, the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope etc. (from the GRAIL MoonKAM website). Hands-on activities followed including painting, making a... Read More...

Apr 18

Astronomy Is The Impartible Part Of Sa’adat-Shahr

Sa’adat Shahr is the capital of Pasargad County, located close to Pasargad World Heritage, Fars Province, Iran . Many wedding ceremonies end with star party and telescopic observation in Sa’adat Shahr. Some taxis, doctors, and bakeries are free during the astronomy week ; we have weekly sky report after the Friday's prayers in the main mosque. (1) Sa’adat Shahr is also known as Astronomy Town, as the inhabitants have demonstrated a remarkable passion for sky gazing. (2) I’m proud to say I met Mr. Mike Simmons “Founder-President of Astronomers Without Borders” at Qeshm StarFestival on Dec, 2012.His great lecture on... Read More...

Apr 13

From Astronomy to Global Peace

After GAM2012 and holding some educational astronomy programs at rural regions of Iran, as Executive Director at “Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky”, I decided to invite other students and people of my community to be a part of motto of AWB “One People, One Sky” So I tried to establish “Engineers Without Borders-Iran” to promote Peace, Educational Justice, Humanity and Environmental Awareness. Finally Engineers Without Borders-Iran (EWB-Iran) was founded by supporting of Fasa University. I always talk about the same goals of AWB and EWB-Iran in my lectures and the inflorescence of these goals is in Global Astronomy Month in... Read More...

Apr 12

NKAF Summer Space Camp

Please join us for at this year’s Summer Space Camp at Northern Skies Observatory in Peacham, VT . Sunday evening, August 4 through Friday morning, August 9 Five days and nights for middle and high school students interested in hands-on control of sophisticated, state-of-the-art astronomical equipment in keeping with NKAF’s mission of helping improve science education in our schools via inquiry-based learning. Emphasis will be on accomplishing individual and group study projects in which observational data is obtained with use of the observatory’s instruments building on last year’s camp experience. A youth retreat center in Barnet will be used for... Read More...

Apr 09

Start of Global Astronomy Month at the Ghana Planetarium

We launched Global Astronomy Month at the Ghana Planetarium on Saturday 6 th April. Since this coincided with the Globe at Night campaign and International Dark Sky week, we made the theme of our event “Stars, Constellations and Light Pollution”. A good turnout of around 50 learned about constellations, their apparent movement during the night and throughout the year, and some of the myths and stories associated with them. As always, our younger visitors asked and answered lots of questions, and had fun modelling the movement of the Earth round the Sun (to illustrate why we see different constellations throughout... Read More...

Apr 07

GAM 2013 Jupiter Watch and SunDay

Hello, Saturday april 6 2013, the Club s'Astronomie d'Ottignies Louavain-la-Neuve (presided by Ashraf Niaz) and the Astroclub Véga (Raoul being it's president) joined forces at Louvain-la-Neuve from 2 PM till 10 PM to show the Sun with various filters and Jupiter after sunset. We had clouds until after 5 PM and could finally show the Sun and later Jupiter and Orion to the visitors. We had families with young children (some were fascinated by my Skysafari app in thre iPad. Ganymede was producing a shadow on the planet. We had fewer people than last year but a bigger variety of... Read More...

Apr 06

Oficina Didática de Astronomia

Nos dias 23 e 24 ministraremos oficinas didáticas de Astronomia para cursos de graduação em Pedagogia de uma Universidade Estadual de Araraquara-SP com a intenção de fornecer subsídios para que os futuros professores trabalhem o assunto em sala de aula. Na noite do dia 23 realizaremos, com os mesmo, uma star party com cerca de 4 telescópios. Abraços Read More...

Mar 31

Our Night Sky – Understanding the Universe

While this exhibition is on at the South Canterbury Museum, there will be several events held which are open to the public. Some are free while others require a gold coin donation. For any further details, contact the South Canterbury Museum on (03) 687 7212 or email [email protected] SC Astronomers Group website: Friday 5 April: 5:30pm Opening preview 6:30pm Skype presentation (Presenter Jack Newton, USA) Sunday 7 April 2pm Solar observation in Museum grounds Saturday 13 April 2pm Public talk in Ed Space: Introduction to Astronomy 3:30pm Repeat of talk if required Wednesday 17th April 2pm Solar observing, Main... Read More...

Mar 29


A terceira edição do Mês Global da Astronomia esta repleta de noites de observação. O mês de abril será movimentado para todos os astrônomos amadores, grupos de astronomias e entusiastas. Este evento tem como objetivo levar a astronomia cada vez mais próxima das pessoas, proporcionando a disseminação dessa ciência que encanta pessoas do mundo todo. Abaixo segue a programação e locais de observações: Data - Evento - Horário - Local 01/04 - Maratona Messier - 15 horas - On-line 03/04 - Noite especial UNOCHAPECÓ (Observação de Júpiter, Saturno, Aglomerados, nebulosas e Programa Global at Night) - 19 horas - UNOCHAPECÓ... Read More...

Mar 29

Mês Global da Astronomia 2013 - Chapecó/SC

MÊS GLOBAL DA ASTRONOMIA 2013 (Global Astronomy Month- GAM) Em abril de 2013, o Mês Global da Astronomia (GAM – Global Astronomy Month) movimentará astrônomos amadores, clubes, centro de ciência e sociedade em geral em noites de observação e eventos realizados em todo mundo. No ano de 2013, o evento organizado pelos Astrônomos Sem Fronteiras ( sediará sua 4ª edição, pós Ano Internacional da Astronoma em 2009. Em Chapecó, será o terceito ano de atividades desenvolvidas com o intuito de aproximar cada vez mais a comunidade das belezas celestes. Mais uma vez, o Grupo de Estudos em Astronomia vinculado ao... Read More...

Mar 26

AWB: Mr. Stübler, National Coordinator of Austria and his arrival to Vietnam

I/ The reunion meal of HAAC and dear friends from Austria. On March 13 th 2013, Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC) members with Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Stübler had an unforgettable meeting in their trip to Vietnam. Mr. Stübler is currently the National Coordinator of the association named "Astronomers Without Borders" (AWB) of Austria. He worked at the Linz observatory, where the famous astronomer - Kepler used to make observations. The first day to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Stübler, we had been wondering a lot about the venue. Finally, a nearby local restaurant was chosen. Delicious Vietnamese... Read More...

Mar 18

National contest GAM 2013 / Globe at Night Program

The clubs lubs will participate in the Globe at Night campaign by measuring the maximum of main streets, submitting the data and auditing the fixtures in the streets. Read More...

Mar 06

Journey with me outside of the cultural bubble

I am going to copy this off of my facebook page. Please excuse the grammar errors and formatting. I want you all to follow me for just a minute. Find somewhere in complete silence. I need you to concentrate. Now close your eyes until all you can see is darkness. Now open your mind and prepare for a real dose of reality. I want you to forget about the TV, I want you to forget about your car, I want you to forget about the birds in the air, The wind in your hair. I want you to forget about... Read More...

Feb 23

Relatório do Mês Global da Astronomia 2012 em Chapecó SC

Facilitando a visualização dos dados e imagens. O link para o relatório do Mês Global da Astronomia em 2012 no município de Chapecó está disponível no link: Atenciosamente, Diego Read More...

Feb 20

Fireball over Teide Observatory

After ascending to 3100m to Tenerife's Pico Viejo on last Saturday (10th of November) and descending at night, the whole party of five was quite tired (after all, the sign at the beginning of the path was marked with the "Extreme difficulty" distinction). Although the initial plan was to spend the night under the stars together, the others gave in to thirst, hunger and tiredness but I could only ask them to leave me closer to the Teide Observatory : it was a night close the Taurid meteor shower maximum and some bright meteors were promised. At least for my... Read More...

Jan 24

One of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky

Orion, The Hunter, is one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky and is easily located by his belt of three bright stars Alnitak (Zeta Orionis), Alnilam (Epsilon Orionis) and Mintaka (Delta Orionis) – one of the most prominent asterisms in the night sky. Orion’s shoulder is marked by the red supergiant Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis), and his left leg is marked by the blue-white supergiant Rigel (Beta Orionis). Orion is generally shown as a hunter attacking Taurus, the Bull, with an upraised club. According to Greek mythology, Orion was killed by Scorpius, and the two were placed on... Read More...

Jan 22


It isn`t easy to come in contact with Thailand-Astronomers. My first attempt to meet some members of The Thai Astronomical Society in Bangkok failed, even I had some contacts by e-mail there was no opportunity to arrange a meeting during my stay. After my roundtrip to Cambodia I returned again to Thailand to visit northern parts of the country. Here I tried again to come into contact. Again some e-mails awaked my hope. But the same: When I arrived nothing happened :-( So I took matters in my own hand and went up to the highest montain of Thailand, the... Read More...

Jan 20

Welcome to the Galileo Astronomy Unclub!

Welcome to the newest astronomy unclub in the Pacific Northwest. The GAU was created for the purpose of sharing the subject of amateur astronomy and the night sky without the administrative burden that volunteer registered non-profit astronomy organizations experience. There are no members, no dues, no formal structure, and no expectations other than to enjoy the night sky and share the experience with others. The GAU hosts informal astronomy events, coffeehouse meetings, and observing sessions. The GAU is also available for free public lectures and static displays on amateur astronomy for all age groups. The GAU is now in its... Read More...

Jan 17

In a Count of 30

That gray veil of dusty wind tickles my ears again. It whispers a nostalgic sovereignty of a dull atmosphere around everyone of us. Few steps then, I’m off to school. Technically, just on my way as I take my initial steps in this UV shelter. It is a long way as my eyes pay attention to this narrow way of covered pathway, it sure looks different but at least our local government finally had it accomplished. It is in no doubt an answer to those three young folks died due to skin cancer, the one aged 16, the others at... Read More...

Dec 20

School astronomy clubs in Morocco

Galileo Teacher Training Progam sessions were organised in the benefit of teachers from nearby schools interested in astronomy and who want to create clubs in their schools. Read More...

Nov 26

The time

The time distribution of an era : - Four steps are becomes in one large era. Their names & time duration is given as follows. Satya era = 1728000solar years, tretaa era = 1296000solar years, dwaapara era = 864000solar years, kali era = 432000solar years, Sum of above four eras are becomes equal to one large era. One large era = 4320000solar years. Thousands of large eras are becomes equal to one Kalpa. According to ancient Indian astronomy, from beginning of Kali era to beginning of shake era had elapsed 3179 solar year & at present time of shake era... Read More...

Sep 23

International Observe the Moon Night 2012

On september 22 2012, I went to Dinant (from Namur, following the Meuse beautiful valley) whe re the Cercle Astronomique Mosan (CAM) held its International Observe the Moon Night. The CAM has an observatory and they aimed their big refractor to the Moon and the image was shown on a TV screen for details. The Moon was never high in the sky, so there was lots of turbulence. A dozen of visitors came and enjoyed the scenery, our telescopes, a setup to show why peakes can form long shadows and a bucket with sand to show what happens when a... Read More...

Sep 17

“Hasta la Vesta” at the Ghana Planetarium, Saturday 8th September 2012

We hosted a “Hasta la Vesta” event to celebrate the Dawn mission moving on from a successful year studying its first target, Vesta, and starting its journey to the second target, Ceres. We used a lot of resources from NASA's Hasta La Vesta website: We started with an introductory talk on the Solar System, to ensure everyone was clear what asteroids are, and the location of the main asteroid belt. Since our first visitors were families with young children, the parents teamed up with the children for our “Grape or Raisin” activity. Here participants compared the attributes of their... Read More...

Sep 14

2012 Great World Wide Star Count, October 5 - 19!

Anyone planning to join in on the Great World Wide Star Count coming? :) Read More...