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Nov 15

HUAST Super Moon Sighting

On november 14, we - as Hacettepe University Astronomical Society - had the opportunity to observe the biggest and the brightest super full moon since 1948. The Super Moon event was held in our campus area with the participation of almost 350 members. It was one of our biggest stargazing events. We had two telescopes and two binoculars as equipment. Our event lasted for nearly 4 hours. Here are some photos which were captured by our members during the night. Read More...

Nov 15

Superfulmoon rise in the air and on the ground

While i had Partout No chance of flying a Real plane from Switzerland Beckenried near Buochs all the way over Zurich by night to the lake, did i steer a Real scenery flightsim. Perfect moonrise, Afterward, when the real moonrise Broke thro the clouds, i filmed it & made snapshot on editing software. Read More...

Nov 12

UP / FSHMN / Physics Dep.

11/12/2016 - Pristina Launching the online application form to become part of our club was quiet successful. Within a week time period we received over 100+ applications. Our meeting was held in the premises of University of Pristina - FSHMN - Physics Dep. in Pristina with the newest members of our club and also promoting AWB programs and the way how can the new members be included. The participants were informed about the history of ACK, all current activities, donations, founders, plans and projects of the future and we presented a video of our three year work until now. At... Read More...

Nov 09


From the most successful program of AWB the BIG PROJECT and the Fiat Physica campaign, now AstroFest in Kosovo will receive three "One Sky" Telescopes. After being assigned as a National Coordinator for Kosovo this year, since then me and my team have done a wonderful job promoting and publicizing the AWB programs to our community in Kosovo and all the people who love science and astronomy. Thankfully this time AstroFest in Kosovo benefited from the AWB - BIG PROJECT. Astronomy Club of Kosovo, was so privileged to benefit this year from the AWB Crowdfunding Campaign, a successful BIG campaign... Read More...

Nov 08

Astronomical Rangoli on Diwali

The Rangoli is an art work. The Diwali is the biggest festival in india. People make Rangoli with flowers, grains, sand colors etc during this festival. Sand color Rangolis are mostly created in compound of almost every home in Gujarat during Diwali. I created the Solar System Rangoli at my classes - Polaris Classes on Diwali 2016. The objective of making astronomical rangoli was to ingegrate festival celebrations to science popularization. The people observed the Solar System in Rangoli and we discussed about Solar System planets, Great Red Spot of Jupiter, Saturn Rings, Planet sizes etc. I kept this rangoli... Read More...

Nov 03

Astroarchaeology in Tehran

on the occasion of the international space week, Barsavosh astronomical group invited one of the managers of Persian division, Mohammad Reza Shahjahan for lecturing about astroarchaeology. this event was held in Eshragh cultural center of Tehran and it was open and free for all, Mohammad Reza lectured about the relations between astronomy and architecture, astronomy and mythology and Tbolts topics. see more: Read More...

Oct 31

Astro Party Varshets 2016

During 2016 October 28-29 in Varshets, Bulgaria (Ivan Vazov Secondary School) was organized National Astro Party. The speakers were astronomers from the University of Shumen and the University of Sofia, science teachers etc. Read More...

Oct 25

WSW 6 October 2016

​Participants = 28 -30 Age = 11-12 years ( Grade 5,All females ) Topic = Our Planets ,Rocket Model Making Description: I told them the history of Rocket, planets, and asteroids with the help of Solar System model that I made.Then some material was distributed to make a rocket model ,plastic bottles,some chart papers and tape. We were unable to do discussion due to the shortage of time but some of them asked interesting questions like " Do the asteroids hit Earth ? '' Who can go to Space? " " Is it the Air Force who go to Space... Read More...

Oct 25

WSW 5 October 2016

Participants : 50 - 55 Age : 11-14 years Location : Jinnah High School, AIMC Colony. Topic = Introduction to Our Solar System and Remote Sensing Representing : The Planetary Society-Pakistan,Universe Awareness,Astronomy Without Borders and IFAS Science Club ( club that I started at my medical college ) Description : From Sun to Pluto,I told them planet's size,atmosphere,distance, origin of their name, chances of life on any other planet, probes sent to different planets. Then we discussed Elon Musk's Mission Mars .It was an amazing experience,students were so active and receptive.When I told them about Apollo Mission,about Niel and Buzz,... Read More...

Oct 25

WSW 4 October 2016

Topic : Our Solar System and Celestial objects Description: It was my ever first Astronomy presentation to 50 to 55 girls at UNIQUE HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS . Correcting myths about solar system gave students an entirely new way to think about planets.I was very happy to see their face expressions and curiosity, I have no words to explain this experience. Starting from Sun I told them about Plasma prominence,sunspots, hottest and coldest planet,distance,size, and atmosphere of each planet, the origin of their names,space crafts sent to each planet,duration of days and years on different planets.Then I told them about... Read More...

Oct 23


Yesterday in Linz at AEC (Ars Electronica Center), ROLF HEMPEL , the Head of DLR's Simulation and Software Technology, presented, during the deep Space Astronomy Weekend, his breathtaking results using his great software "MoonPanoramaMaker". People who are interested in this stuff can find a discussion of this software on the U.S. astronomy forum "Cloudy Nights" see: HERE (starting with the post#20 on April 26, 2016). The software "MoonPanoramaMaker" and a handbook is provided: HERE Breathtaking views on the big video wall using the 8K equipment of AEC Rolf Hempel introduced by Andreas Bauer (Head of Ars Electronica Center) The high... Read More...

Oct 20

Fireball over Espirito Santo - Brazil

A bright fireball over Espirito Santo, Brazil on oct,20. See video: Read More...

Oct 18

Happy Diwali 2016

Diwali, the "festival of lights", is a South Asian festival in Nepal (as Tihar) and India (as Deepawali) celebrated in autumn Diwali 2016 (northern hemisphere) or spring (southern hemisphere) every year. It is an official holiday in Fiji, Guyana, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Diwali Wishes Trinidad and Tobago. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair and is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. Its Diwali Poems celebration includes millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples... Read More...

Oct 13


During the World Space Week, participants submited their space related works in form of a drawing, picture, poetry, story or article. All the submissions was released in form of an e-book by the AWB national coordinator, which is now available for download. E-book has 84 pages, and can be downloaded here, as pdf (22,0 MB): Read More...

Oct 05

ASE2016 - XXIX Planetary Congress - Community Day in AUSTRIA

The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) brought together astronauts and cosmonauts from 37 nations here in Austria. HERE an overview about the participating astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts. Today many big public events during the ASE-Community-Day took place all over Austria. These events are organized by OEWF (Austrian Space Forum). A major focus is on inspiring the next generation of explorers in STEM subjects. In particular, school visits and the interaction with young professionals –which were carefully prepared by preceding projects- are a central element of the ASE 2016. Traditionally, space exploration also offers a leverage for gender topics and is... Read More...

Sep 25

Astronomical Night in Caguas, Puerto Rico - Sept 24, 2016

The Cipriano Manrique's First Grade school students enjoyed an astronomical observation in Urb. Borinquen Valley of Caguas, Puerto Rico on Saturday night September 24, 2016 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. These small astronomy enthusiasts were able to observe and contemplate the rings of the planet Saturn and its moon Titan seen of telescope by amateur Astrophotographer and communicator in astronomy Fernando Roquel Torres while Professor Erica Correa Felix explained the students about meteorites that took for activity. Many parents marveled as the king of the rings could be seen through the telescope as the planet was identified in the... Read More...

Sep 20

Brand New Star Walk Website

The Grossmugl Star Walk is an astronomical edutainment trail near a small village in Austria, Europe. The "Sternenweg Grossmugl", as it is called in Austria, is a self-guided tour encouraging astronomical observations with the unaided eye. Nine displays along the trail explain general astronomical topics in an easy-to-read way. On a 90 minutes' walk, visitors learn how to spot star colors, artificial satellites, the Milky Way and other objects in the night sky. The 1.5-km-long tour is free of charge, open all year round day and night and available without booking or reservation. Since the opening in 2014, nature lovers,... Read More...

Sep 16


Every 15th of each month, except in April, the Serbian AWB organize a small quiz with 10 questions with different astronomy themes. This was the sixth Quiz, this time with the theme: "Constallations". We had 42 participants. Each participant gets an e-book on astronomy as a gift. Read More...

Sep 14

Schools Astronomy Talks + Solar Outreachs in Nicaragua

During 2016, Amateurs Astronomer of León, Nicaragua, have been visiting local schools in order to promote astronomy through talks and solar outreaches. These visits have been coordinated with the Department of Natural Sciences of local University, UNAN-León. Besides, we donate to schools solar filter glasses to use them in their science classes and encourage to students and teachers to be more involved with astronomy issues, until this date we have visited 12 schools in our city: León. Emilio Zuniga ASAFILE Read More...

Sep 13

Calima Sunset

Some sunsets on the Canary Islands are eerily subdued. They look as if the sun were hiding behind a thin veil of gauze. This situation is known by the designation Calima, its Spanish name, which has crossed the language barriers as the weather condition crosses the borders of countries and sometimes even continents. What causes this meteorological phenomenon? The Calima emanates from the endless dunes of the Sahara desert, where storms of enormous proportions lift tiny particles of sand into high layers of the atmosphere. The Sirocco wind then carries these fine dust grains over the western Maghreb countries and... Read More...

Sep 13

Journey to M42 - Orion Nebula and The Trapezium

Come with me to an interesting journey to the Great Orion Nebula in Orion Constellation and the depths of the cluster of stars called the Trapezium. September 11, 2016 To the journey, press Here Read More...

Sep 06

Journey to Comet 67P/Churymov-Gerasimenko

The Rosetta spacecraft found Philae on September 2, 2016 on comet Churymov Gerasimenko. This motivates us to make a trip to the comet! For the space trip, click here: Journey to 67P/Churymov-Gerasimenko Read More...

Sep 04


Astronomers Without Borders - Serbia celebrated day of the sun eclipse with drawings of its members. We had good participation - adults, and children from many countries, with lots of drawings. Here are some of them: Read More...

Sep 03


12-13-14 August 2016 As many astronomy societies did, we, Hacettepe Astronomy Society, have attended the festival held in Olimpos/Antalya with the collaboration of Kozmik Anafor, Bilimfili and Evrim Agacı. This special festival has hosted many people from different cities. On the first day of the festival, we gave a course about astrophotography, both theoretical and practical at the workshops. Also, in the same day we have made, with participants, solar observation. Later that night, we observed the passing of ISS, which was an event. We also watched a film named ‘'Contact'', a film adaption of Carl Sagan's book. On the... Read More...

Aug 31

Journey to Próxima b

Come with me to travel to an interesting and popular place among all amateur and professional astronomy community . This is Próxima b . Similar to ours in the star closest planet to the Sun called Proxima Centauri 4.2 light years away To travel with me to Próxima b, click below. Read More...