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Nov 01

Late flashback - [email protected] in Vienna

Better late than never following some pictures and notes to remember the XXXth General Assembly, August 20-31, 2018. As part of a nice collaboration between professional and amateurastronomers I had the pleasure to assist at the ÖGAA-booth during the IAU -General Assmbly for some days. The ÖGAA booth was arranged by professional and amateurastronomers together - the 6m wide image of milkyway in the background was done by Erich Meyer an amateur of our astronomical association. There I had the pleasure to say welcome to many famous people and astronomers around the world ..... ... for example Mike Simmons who... Read More...

Oct 28

Unawe Malaysia Young Space Camp in conjunction with World Space Week 2018

6 October 2018 - Apadilangit (Universe Awareness Malaysia) organized Malaysia Space Camp in conjunction with World Space Week 2018. Main objective of this camp is to inspire Malaysia young generation with our wonderful cosmos. It is also to promote global citizenship. 30 primary schools students around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor participated in this event. Most of the activities are hands-on activities. Students work in groups of 5 and do the activities given. Participants are asked to write their Cosmic address and later exploring our solar system with puzzle and crossword puzzle. The fun part is building sun, earth and moon... Read More...

Oct 27

InOMN 2018 in Spain

The International Night of the Observation to the Moon (InOMN) had great acceptance in Spain and nearly 100 activities took place between the 19th and 20th of October. This event organized by the outreach team of NASA's LRO mission has been carried out since 2010, but has not had so much impact until this year that it has been promoted in the country by the Astronomical Federation and the coordinator of Astronomers Without Borders in Spain , although some entities did know the event and also helped to promote the activity. Spain has been the country that has generated the... Read More...

Oct 26

Astroclubul Bucuresti at Astrofest 2018 in Targoviste, Romania

Astroclubul Bucuresti was invited to participate at the International Science Festival AstroFest October 2018, held in the city of Targoviste, Romania. The event was hosted by SARM (Romanian Astronomical Meteor Society), a dedicated amateur astronomer society, led by Valentin Grigore, its tireless and enthusiastic President. We had the honor and the pleasure of meeting the leadership of the Astronomers Without Borders organization, represented by AWB Founder and President Mike Simmons. We also met numerous other important personalities that participated in the event, coming from countries all around the globe, such as Canada, France, Austria, Australia, United Arab Emirates and the... Read More...

Oct 22

San Antonio Astronomical Association - Celestron NexYZ

My name is Mike Young. I am a member of the San Antonio Astronomical Association. I am very active with Daneille in our outreach activities. I have the Celestron NexYZ Smartphone Adapter you graciously donated to us. She asked me to evaluate and learn to use it because I have a high level of technical expertise. I have an Orion #5347 Smartphone Adapter which I have found to be somewhat cumbersome to use. So I was excited to try the Celestron adapter. I have a Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope. Our weather here in San Antonio has been really bad for... Read More...

Oct 21

LAAS Public Star Party - Oct. 20, 2018 - Additional Photos by Todd Kunioka/LAAS

Additional photos available at:

Oct 20

International Observe the Moon Night

The NASA Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center and its partners, the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation, hosted an event on Friday, October 19, 2018 to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night. Participants started the evening out with a Moon presentation in the Visitor Center auditorium. During the presentation we highlighted featrues of the Moon, NASA missions to the Moon and kicked-off the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Program. Resources in the exhibit hall featured the Moon, NASA Missions to the Moon and InOMN. After the presentation, telescope viewing was available on the side lawn. Participants had a chance to see Saturn... Read More...

Oct 04


Greetings and Clear Skies! On October, 1st I had the opportunity to visit the Ancient Observatorie in Beijing, China. Declared as UNESCO world Astronomical Heritage, the observatory was built in 1442 with Ming dinasty and during Qing dinasty it was expanded. It is located in DongCheng District. Besides structures, eight bronze instruments were constructed by Qing dinasty with Flemish Jesuit Ferdinand Verbiest: Chidao jingwei yi / 赤道经纬仪 - Equatorial armillary sphere Huangao jingwei yi / 黄道经纬仪 - Ecliptic armillary sphere Tianti yi / 天体仪 - Celestial Sphere Diping jingyi / 地平经仪 - Azimuthal ring Xiangxian yi / 象限仪 - Quadrant... Read More...

Sep 29


Students of the school in Belgrade, Serbia made a model of the Sun System. It took several days, while the works were finished. The young Konstantin Gracanin handed the most beautiful work. Read More...

Sep 24

UA Sigma Sorority Event

Tuscon Amateur Astronomy Association From: Jim Knoll Sent: Friday, September 21, 8:14 AM We used the Astronomers without Borders Celestron NexYZ phone adapter last night at the UA Sigma Sorority event. Great hit. Probably had all 51 ladies take a picture of the Moon. They loved it. Will use it next at Agua Caliente Park Oct 13 & International Observe the Moon Oct 20th. Works great on the Moon. Can't get phones to focus on smaller objects like the planets. Read More...

Sep 23

Astroclubul Bucuresti at Sci-Fi-Fest 2018 in Bucharest, Romania

Our association was invited to participate in the science themed festival "Sci+Fi FEST" in Bucharest, Romania. The festival took place at the Bucharest National Library on the 15th and 16th of September, 2018. Our members eagerly took the opportunity of bringing our wide range of telescopes to the people who attended the event. We also brought a piece of the Chelyabinsk meteorite which could be seen through a microscope. We are glad that we could share our passion and bring astronomy to the people of Bucharest. Read More...

Sep 22


Every 15th of the month, except in April, AWB is organizing a small quiz featuring 10 questions on a selected astronomical subject. On September 15 th , 2018, the 26th quiz took place, the theme of the day was: "Jupiter". We had 86 participants, each of whom got a free e-book on astronomy. Those who had all 10 answers correct, received an e-book and a gold certificate. Read More...

Sep 18

2 AstroGuests

When the pastor looked thro bino, his wife looked thro telescope & vice versa after i aimed the telescope at moon, saturn & mars. Read More...

Sep 18

InOMN 2018 with NASA

Dear friends, we are close to the International Night of the Moon Observation, only one month left. Another year the NASA LRO team organizes an activity worldwide. Are you going to miss it? Enter the web and register your activity so that everyone knows your participation and citizens can come to observe our satellite. You can also do it on our AWB website and if you are from Spain and belong to an association, you can also register your activity at the FAAE ... Estimados amigos, estamos cerca de la Noche Internacional de la Observación a la Luna,... Read More...

Sep 15

A Meeting with the Planets

On August 31 st 2018, Astronomers Without Borders UAE organized a “Meeting with the Planets” for residents of the Mira Community in Dubai. The event was free and attracted over 70 participants (with a split of roughly 60% children vs. 40% adult participants). The event started promptly at 7pm, and the last guests left at midnight. Apart from general encouragement of participation to learn about Astronomy, this meeting was unique in that we reached out to people who own telescopes, but had not used them (for various reasons). The specific goals were as follows: Popularize the hobby of astronomy via... Read More...

Sep 04

Night of crying and flames until national museum of Brazil in Rio.

The National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, consumed by a fire on Sunday night, has one of the largest collections of anthropology and natural history in the country - about 20 million items. Located in Quinta da Boa Vista, in São Cristóvão, it is the oldest museum and one of the most important scientific institutions in Brazil. Founded by Dom Joao 6th on August 6, 1818, the museum has just completed 200 years. Currently, it was administered by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and, because it was a university, had an academic and scientific character. Many... Read More...

Aug 30

Astronomy camp organized by Astroclubul Bucuresti at Naturhaus, Malinis, Brasov County, Romania

Astroclubul Bucuresti organized a successful astronomical expedition at a mountain retreat for the Perseid meteor shower event in August. The expedition took place between the 9 th and the 14 th of August in a low light pollution area, near the village of Malinis, in Brasov County, Romania. The participants, 18 members of our amateur astronomy association, engaged in visual meteor observations, deep-sky telescope observations, astrophotography, h-alpha solar observations and daytime recreational activities. The weather conditions were very good; we experienced 5 nights is a row with a clear night sky. The expedition was a success. Therefore, we plan on... Read More...

Aug 24

Perseids over Qatar

Perseid meteor passing through constellation Cassiopeia at sculpture East Meets West in Western Qatar, taken around midnight on 12-13th August. Image taken with Canon EOS60D, 25s, ISO800. Best regards, Dukhan Community Astronomy Read More...

Aug 15

The amateur astronomers' hearts are beating faster here through the AWB-GAM project!

A quick review on Global Astronomy Month (GAM) in Pasargad region, Iran Part I: Introduction As much as people would be involved in participating, organizing, sharing and enjoying the night sky together they would feel closer to each other, meanwhile, closer to the lost part of nature above. So the universe can connect us by itself if we just step in looking forward to catch any opportunity. Astronomers Without Borders gives us this chance by Global Astronomy Month (GAM) project in each April. We have actively celebrated the biggest international event of astronomy in each April and the motto... Read More...

Aug 13


Greetings and Clear Skies! On July 27, World event of a Lunar Eclipse, The Astronomy Club of San Agustín School developed an Observational activity where we focused on determining a dilemma in reference to the institutions of sciences, observatories, planetariums and avtivists of Astronomy in Boliva: Was it possible to observe the Eclipse in Cochabambaba, Bolivia (17.4140 ºS, 66.1653º W)? Being that different opinions and affirmations existed, the Club decided to arm its telescopes and to observe the sky at 6:13 pm. Being able to confirm the visibility of the Eclipse, the answer: Yes it was : The activity went... Read More...

Aug 13


Greetings and clear skies! On Wednesday, August 2 to 5, a study trip was found for significant learning purposes in the field of Astronomy for students of the Héroes del Boquerón School. A variety of activities were carried out jointly with professors, university professors, professional / amateur astronomers and academics interested in the field: Observatory Astronomy Courses, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Guided visit to Tiwanaku ruins Visit to the Chakana Astronomical Complex Visit to Museums of the city of La Paz General Objective: Generate, evaluate and provide feedback for meaningful learning experiences for students participating in the study... Read More...

Aug 12

Astronomy & Night Sky Summer Series - Perseid Meteor Shower

We started the event with 3 Astronomy 101 presentations with 187 participants in attendance. During the presentations we gave an overview of the objects visible in the night sky. These objects included Mars, Jupiter Saturn, Meteors and the Perseid Meteor Shower. There were also resources available in the lobby before and after the presentations. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather we had to cancel telescope viewing. This event is always popular and couldn't be successful without our partners from the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation, US Fish & Wildlife Services (Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge) and National Park Service (Toms Cove Visitor Center).... Read More...

Aug 10

Total Lunar Eclipse & Mars Opposition from Zagan, Poland

I have organised an event on the night of total Lunar eclipse and opposiotion of Mars which was registered event with AWB - Zagan Gwiezdne Wrota There were many observers of children and adults Event started at 6:30 PM local time CEST First Venus and Jupiter were observed through our telescope After dark everyone was watching Saturn and his rings The moon has already shown us all red Next to the Moon was very bright Mars but without the details visible in the telescope Had good fun throughout the event We took pictures only during the day, then there was... Read More...

Aug 06

Mars Close Approach

by Brenda Culbertson

The past couple of weeks have been hectic for my associates and me. I was on television several times, being interviewed and making reports about Mars Close Approach. I organized two observing sessions and assisted in another one. July 14, 2018, Mars Informational Presentation at Wolfe's Camera Shop, Topeka, Kansas. I made two informational presentations about what was going on and how to observe it, to approximately 50 people. July 20, 2018, Science on the Terrace at Flint Hills Discovery Center, Manhattan, Kansas. The public was invited 9-11 pm CDT. I assisted in this observing session where I helped show... Read More...

Aug 06

Viewing Mars at the Winfield Winery

We had 6 club members and 6 telescopes available for 46 visitors to view all the naked eye planets including Mars. What a plesent surprise, they were expecting 14 guests and 46 showed up. We made available for the guests an outreach program to get them excited about what we were going to show them. We helped them understand where the planets are and what planets can be seen this night. We also explored the movements of the planets, when closer to the Sun the inner planets travel faster than the outer planets. We shared with them why we can't... Read More...