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Feb 25

Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center (BARC) has started a new journey

Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center (BARC) is an astronomy, astronomical outreach, and research-based organization in Bangladesh. This is the very first research-based organization in Bangladesh ever. It's situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This organization has built on 14th January 2020. The main motto of this organization is to spread astronomy all over Bangladesh. We are trying to make people enthusiastic about astronomy and related to this field. At first, we are working on school kids and trying to make them enthusiast to gain knowledge on Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology. We are planning to cover up the whole Dhaka and then we will... Read More...

Feb 19

Star Party 2020, Sri Lanka - The First Ever Astronomical Observation Competition & Workshop for High-School Students in South Asia

Introduction Star Party, Sri Lanka is the Largest High-School level Astronomical event in Sri Lanka and it is organized annually by Anandian Astronomical Association and Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls' College, Kandy which are the pioneering schools of Sri Lankan high-school based Astronomy. In every year, the event held in a specific day at Peradeniya University premises for 15 hours overnight. Star party, Sri Lanka the event has a legendary history of 16 years which has been associated with its quality and the scope. The event consists of the first-ever Astronomical Observation Competition in South Asian region, A workshop and... Read More...

Feb 16

As temperatures rise Mercury Sets

by William Afonso

A Click of Planet Mercury onthe evening of Feb 12'th 2020 from Mudipu town in Mangalore , Karnataka South India. A Team of enthusiasts waited patiently to see the Planet nearest to the Sun. Mercury is seen either Rising over the Horizon before Sunrise or Setting over the Horizon after Sunset. Due to its proximity to the Sun it is never seen More than 28 Degrees over the Horizon. Below are Pics taken of Mercury with help of a 6 Inch Orion refractor telescope and a Vivi Mobile camera. 1) Taken without a Filter. 2) Taken with a Yellow Filter Read More...

Feb 16


Every 15th of the month, except in April, AWB is organizing a small quiz featuring 10 questions on a selected astronomical subject. On February 15th, 2019, the 5th year with 39th quiz took place, the theme of the day was: "Names of Galaxies". We had 98 participants, each of whom got a free e-book on astronomy. Those who had all 10 answers correct, received an e-book and a gold certificate. Read More...

Feb 08

Aryabhatta Astronomy Club,Haldia India Inspiring rural students to participate in Nasa Scientist For A Day Essay Contest

Aryabhatta Astronomy Club a Unit of Haldia Institute of Management is going to promote NASA Scientist For A Day Essay Contest in schools located in Rural Bengal. The main objective of this activity is to promote the events in which students from class 5 to class 12 have the opportunity to participate. Due to a lack of information, many enthusiastic students of the Rural Bengal do not get the opportunity to participate in such events. To fill in this gap the club will be trying to go to distant places in rural Bengal and promote the event. The club has... Read More...

Feb 03

Philippine Telescope Hour 2020

“ If there were a million people, with telescopes, willing to get them out for the public, there will be a chance for the people born on this world to see where the hell they are. ” - John Dobson The Manila Street Astronomers, being a community primarily dedicated to astronomy outreach through free telescope viewings, organized a public engagement event in 2017 called the Philippine Telescope Hour. The idea was that telescope owners and astronomy organizations from around the country would setup their telescopes and share what they can see for at least an hour in their own respective... Read More...

Feb 02

Haldia Institute of Management starts an Astronomy Club

Haldia Institute of Management located in Haldia ,West Bengal,India for the first time since it's inception in 2004 has started an Astronomy Club. The main purpose of this club is to encourage students of the Insitute and other nearby schools students to gain knowledge on Astronomy and Cosmology. The Chairperson of the Institute Dr.Lakshman Chandra Seth encouraged the 6,500 students of ICARE Society to participate in the club activities. He also promised to sponsor a Reflector Telescope for the Club. Mr. Asish Lahiri,Secretary of the Institute and an astronomy enthusiasm also became a member of the club to encourage students,faculties... Read More...

Jan 29

Another kind of astronomy without borders

We started the new year, at our association "Johannes Kepler Linz", with a new key subject. Disabled people should be more in our focus. So we invited an amateurastronomer who is doing his hobby in a wheelchair and later followed by an even at our local observatory for blind people. Astronomy with a wheelchair (13 Jan 2020) Manfed Fischer from Germany, who gave a lecture in Linz, is a freelance journalist and a trainer for handicapped people and he is a dedicated Amateurastronomer. It's important to him to give this dedication to other people too - including handicapped people. To... Read More...

Jan 28


Every 15th of the month, except in April, AWB is organizing a small quiz featuring 10 questions on a selected astronomical subject. On January 15th, 2019, the 5th year with 37th quiz took place, the theme of the day was: "The Universe". We had 73 participants, each of whom got a free e-book on astronomy. Those who had all 10 answers correct, received an e-book and a gold certificate. Read More...

Jan 28

Celestial dance in Festive Times: The Ring of Fire to end the Decade as seen from GOA, India

by William Afonso

South India experienced a Celestial spectal of an Annular eclipse(Ring of Fire) on 26 Dec 2019 to end the Decade. 100% totality was withnessed in cities like Mangalore, Masargood Coimbatore and Erode. Goa my Homestate lies on the West coast pf India about 363 miles south of Mumbai and 225 miles north of mangalore. The eclipse was Maximum at 9:25 HRS Indian standard time (3:55 A.M IST) with 82 % of the Sun covered by the Moons Shadow. Amidst Christmas celebrations on the same Day My Village called St.Estevam Island celebrated the Village Church Feast of St.Stephen. Truly the Eclipse... Read More...

Jan 22

Partial Solar Eclipse 2019

December 26, 2019, Malaysia – Last 26 th December 2019 solar eclipse is visible from East in Europe, Much of Asia, North/West Australia, East in Africa, Pacific, Indian Ocean. Annular Solar Eclipse will visible in some parts of Malaysia namely Tanjung Piai,Johor,some cities in Sarawak such as Bau,Kota Samarahan,Serian,Sri Aman and Betong. While others part of Malaysia such as Perak,Terengganu,Melaka including Negeri Sembilan will be able to experience another charms of eclipse which is Partial Solar Eclipse. In conjunction of this phenomena, Telok Kemang Observatory held an observation program starting from 11:00 AM until 3:30 PM. Around 200 people came... Read More...

Jan 06

Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 December 26

Annular Solar Eclipse Public Observation Camp 2019 December 26 On 26th of coming December, As Sri Lanka got a very rare opportunity to observe an annular solar eclipse which was occurred during 7.45 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. time, we, J'Pura Astronomy Club (with the technological support of Arthur C. Clarke Institute and with the facilitation given by Security Force Headquarters, Iranamdu) have organized a public solar eclipse observational camp along with a special astronomical research project. We planned to conduct this camp in Iranamadu as the central pathway of the solar eclipse falls directly across it. For the programme, 52... Read More...

Jan 06

Night Sky Observation Camp 2019 - Organized by J'pura Astronomy Club

Night Sky Observation Camp 2019 This event was held the day before the Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 at Security Force Headquaters, Iranamadu, Sri Lanka. Both observational and fun items were practised for a better experience. Read More...

Dec 30


Every 15th of the month, except in April, AWB is organizing a small quiz featuring 10 questions on a selected astronomical subject. This quiz can be participated by all interested people, regardless of nationality, level of knowledge or age. Off course, disabled people are always welcome. Those who had all 10 answers correct, receive an e-book and a gold certificate. At the end of each year, an electronic book of all questions and answers will be compiled and offered for download in Serbian language here: These are the quiz statistics for the last four years. We have had a... Read More...

Dec 29

Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 Island-wide Project by NCAS


Nalanda College Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Nalanda College Alumni Astronomical Society (NCAAS) organized an island-wide project for the 2019 December 26 Annular Solar Eclipse, which included carrying out 6 observation events, and distributing solar eclipse observation glasses. A crew that included 22 members went to Jaffna Kaddaikadu Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed School to witness the annular solar eclipse and a crew of 10 members went to St. Joseph's College Anuradhapura. A small crew of three members went to Kanthale Central College to acquire data for research that will be conducted with the Arthur C. Clarke Institute. Another observation camp was... Read More...

Dec 29

Proper Solar Safety

Activities like the annular solar eclipse last December 26 often get a lot of media attention. Astronomers and telescope manufacturers always caution against directly viewing the Sun, but sometimes the increased media attention brings a certain 'fear of missing out'. Several free telescope viewing setups were even deployed across the Philippine archipelago just to provide the public with a chance to view the eclipsed Sun safely. But since the activity falls right after Christmas and there is only so much ground that local astronomy groups can cover, people attempted to view and image the eclipse through unsafe methods. While events... Read More...

Dec 29

Hamadryas Arete Planetarium Project .

Hamadryas arete is the name of the rare Starry Sky Butterfly, an itinerant Domestic planetarium light as the flight of a butterfly is where we got the inspiration for the project. At Gunstar Team we did a survey and we observed that the traditional centers of Astronomy and Planetarium functioned at their own pace and institutions and schools in others. We met the challenge of bringing to the Institutions a project that has flexibility to follow the school routine and not opposite, prioritizing it. Looking for interesting and quality solutions and tools for the dissemination of astronomy (cheap), we researched... Read More...

Dec 25

Partial Solar Eclipse observation Ahmedabad

*SOLAR ECLIPSE VIEWING* *26th December 2019* 1AU in association with Hiramani School is happy to invite you for viewing the *Rare Celestial Event of Solar Eclipse* from Hiramani campus on 26th December 2019 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Groups of astronomers and volunteers would be conducting different activities related to Solar Eclipse observation. The event would host information exhibit on solar eclipse, activities, telescope projections, observation of eclipse by safe solar viewers, telescope viewing and several more. The event is a public awareness event and we request you to forward it to all Hiramani contacts of who would be... Read More...

Dec 20

December 26, Annular Solar Eclipse Observing Public Camp at Ancient Jaffna Fort, Sri Lanka

Astronomical Research Institute, Sri Lanka (ARIS) collaborating with Anandian Astronomical Association, Star Party group and Mount K Adventure Resort organizes a public camp for observing the annular solar eclipse which will be happen on 26 th of December, 2019 and will be visible to Asia and Australia. We organize this event at ancient Dutch fort of Jaffna which is located in the Northern part of the Sri Lanka. We plan to conduct the public event in 3 main languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English) in Sri Lanka. The event will be started at 0800h and will be ended at 1130 h.... Read More...

Dec 17


I want to thank everyone for the successful Geography Exam Competition tagged "Think Geography, Think God". The competition were focused majorly on Space and space related topics. Thanks to the Institute of Certified Geographers of Nigeria for their endorsement as regard to the promotion of dying Geography subject in our educational system. Thanks to Ezeudu Ikpa & Associates for their great support and backups. I won't forget to appreciate the Astronomers Without Borders for their good work in promoting the astronomy. Indeed, they are wonderful professional organization. I also appreciate the students that took part in the exam, for their... Read More...

Dec 04

National Astronomy Day in Brazil - Adventure of the Golden Records 4 Annual Star Party.

Celebrating Astronomy Day in Brazil is a tribute to Dom Pedro II. The Brazilian emperor was born on December 2, 1825, in the São Cristóvão Palace, in Quinta da Boa Vista, city of Rio de Janeiro and, although not an astronomer, was a great promoter of the activity in Brazil. Lover of the arts and sciences, he actively participated in the development of the National Observatory, created by Dom Pedro I on October 15, 1827. The institution's main objectives were the orientation and study of the country's geography and the teaching of navigation. Dom Pedro II died on December 5,... Read More...

Nov 21

Mercury Transit - Astronomy Outreach in New York City with the Amateur Astronomers Association (AAA)

What a beautiful, clear day for the Transit of Mercury which fell on Veterans Day, November 11, 2019! The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York did A LOT of outreach. We held over 10 separate outreach events for the Transit of Mercury. Events included: -Telescopes at locations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island -A livestream of the Transit in collaboration with B&H Photo and Video embedded on our website homepage -Veterans Day Transit of Mercury Presentation: History and Mechanics of Transits at the B&H Event Space where the President of the AAA, Irene Pease and board member/... Read More...

Nov 20

2018 Christmas Star Party

We held a successful Christmas star party last year (2018). There was approximately 40 guests who showed up, though at differing time intervals. We had four telescopes that were assembled, ready to observe the Moon and other objects within observable range. Cloud cover did make seeing conditions challenging, but gradually cleared up to allow for decent viewing. Among our guests were quite a few children with their parents. It is always a joy to be in the company of curious children. One of them came prepared for the occasion with a cool looking printed T-shirt depicting the solar system. His... Read More...

Nov 20

Summer 2019 Competition

Our 2019 summer astronomy competition focused on essays arguing for why Guyana needs to preserve its dark skies. Below is the winning essayist who won herself a 70mm refractor telescope based on total average score among several other subsmissions. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. WE SHOULD PRESERVE ACCESS TO THE NIGHT SKY 2019. By Dharsanie Rampersaud Growing up, I was fortunate and still am to relish in the beauty and grandeur of the night sky. Whatever I'm today is because of the perspectives I have gained by looking at the night sky, and contemplating my... Read More...

Nov 19

Mercury Transit Viewing in Harare, Zimbabwe

Despite not having any telescope, high school students and teachers in Harare, Zimbabwe had one of the best treats this year on the 11th of November. The students and teachers at Queen Elizabeth High School observed the Mercury Transit through the Virtual Telescope Project. The event was organised by Noor Academy, a start-up currently being incubated by the University of Zimbabwe. The event was attended by 30 high school students and 6 teachers. Read More...