Greetings from Team SciComm!
It is our immense pleasure to share with you the live experience as well as the photograph of Solar Eclipse 2020 which is covered by Team SciComm India. 
We have covered almost every single solar eclipse since the initiation but this time it was more special as the Annular Solar Eclipse is coincidental with the Summer Solstice. India was one of the best visible spots in the world to view this "Ring of Fire".
SciComm India had put forth the initiative and effort to provide the best view of the Solar Eclipse from the city with the highest visibility of this eclipse i.e 98.5% Eclipse in India, Kurukshetra, situated in the state of Haryana. Team SciComm was exclusively LIVE on it's Youtube Channels and they delivered informative sessions to the viewers with trending views:
During the live, a brief explanation of how the solar eclipse occurs, why it does not occur every month, different types of eclipse and numerous questions of the audience were answered by Mentors of Team SciComm.
Brief about the Event: 
 Solar Eclipse 2020
Solar Eclipse 2020


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