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Normally I would be busy with me Mobile Planetarium, but since March I have had no work at all.

To maintain my business presence in the workplace and to help both schools and Home education, I upped the output of my YouTube Channel, 'Auriga Astronomy - Science made Simple'.

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Since March I have gained two thousand subscribers and created short (ten minutes and under) videos on mainly Astronomical or Physics related topics, from 'Why the Sky is Blue', to Red Shift and Hubbles Law.

Due to time restraints right now, I am producing a series of under 5 minute films on each of the classic Greek constellations.

Since I started, I have gained subscriptions from diverse groups such as the Cardiff and the Los Angeles Astronomical Societies. I try an upload a new film every Monday at 9 am UTC.

I am placing a link to my channel here so anyone can have a look and use any of the videos in their outreach work. (if you do use them PLEASE credit them to me :-) )


I hope you find them useful; I have deliberately used videos that do not clash with my main work films, otherwise I would be out of business. I did find it hard to provide free material that does not interfere with my business, but these are very difficult times.

If anyone wants a topic covered (I do NOT do heavy physics), my USP is making things understandable to the general public, email me at [email protected]

Dave Buttery FRAS


Auriga Astronomy - Mobile Planetarium UK


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    Hi All I am an astronomy Educator in the UK, I run a Mobile Planetarium and also operate an Astronomy stage show (the only one in the UK). I have sat on an IAU working group and represented them in the UAE. I am a firm believer that Astronomy and Astronomy education should be borderless, and it should also be taught in terms of the location in which people live. I found it hard when in Arabia to see all the boos were on western astronomy, the ids there should be also taught about their own astronomical history etc.


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