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Recently, my friends and I (a team of three, also includes an astrophotographer) created a page named “Our Night Doesn’t Need So Much Light” on Facebook, as a mean to share awareness of light pollution, occurring in Kuala Lumpur (or abbreviated as ‘KL’). We are in line with the mission to search for suitable stargazing spots in this bright city. KL is the capital city of Malaysia, which also shares a common problem with other major variables of light pollution- with daily excessive artificial lighting has consistently overpowering the darkness. Of course, this is a hindrance for the stargazers to the process of getting excellent shots. However, we are trying to keep this page pretty detached from being a direct communicator of celestial events; therefore we decided to share knowledge on light pollution from various academic sources (books and published research paper) and non-academic sources (newspapers and magazines). This page has received 62 ‘likes’ and 61 ‘followers’ in less than a week of its establishment. We believe that light pollution deserves a national-scale attention here, as it leaves a great impact on the ecosystem as well. Furthermore, we already have prepared for an online quiz, which is to be held on May 14th, 2020. This is our very first attempt to build an effective interaction with those followers. Of course, we are keen to gain and give more educational impacts throughout this page, stay tuned for more updates!


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    About Me

    My name is Amelia and I’m a proud Malaysian. I’m a physics enthuasist who loves to dive deeply into miscellaneous things like relativity and quantum mechanics through books and videos. Currently working as a Physics teacher, I strongly believe astronomy is one prominent field in natural science that deserves to achieve a greater momentum in developing countries. Despite some hindrances such as lack of facilities, light pollution and the spread of astronomical myths, I want to be a ‘little somebody’ in promoting the role of astronomy, mainly in education.


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