Observation Competition

The most imperative aspect of Star Party 2020 is the Astronomical Observaton Competition. The competition will be held under the  sections below and sub-trophies are presented for these sections.

1) Best performance in Moon Mapping
2) Best performance in Planetary Observation
3) Best performance in Deep Sky Observation 
4) Best performance in Observational astronomy (Theory)
5) Best performance in Celestial Measurements and Observational Techniques

6) Best performance in Spot test and Viva round

7) Best performance in Constellation Mapping

Each team will have to compete under every section and the trophy will be presented to the team which demonstrates the best performance for the respective section. Out of these results, the team which manages to accumulate the highest number of scores for all  the sections will be crowned as the "Champions of Star Party 2020 & the best ". Star Party 2020 will be maneuvered and judged by internationally acclaimed judges, which provides an amazing exposure and experience to all the competitors.

Agenda of the Competition

Rules and Regulations of the Competition

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