About Star Party 2020, Sri Lanka

The year 2004 was marked as a golden year in field of astronomy in south Asian subcontinent. Why? Because South Asia's first ever Astronomical observation competition "Star Party" initiated in that year. And it has been recognized as the best Astronomical competition in the South Asia.
Star Party is an all-island inter-school Astronomical night sky observation competition and students of more than 100 schools participate for this event in every year. This Competition primarily tests the practical, observational and reporting ability in Astronomy and the Star Party Workshop is organized to improve the Astronomical knowledge of high-students in other schools. We introduced an undoubtedly innovative trends for the South Asian Astronomical realm including the new dimensions of Astrophotography. 
We know that everyone of you is eager to participate for the Star party-Sri Lanka. But this time you will have to apply for Star Party 2020. Please be kind enough to note that the registration is compulsory for the participation. The Academic committee of StarParty 2020 will select the teams from the applications. The selected teams will receive the invitations to Star Party 2020 through the post. You will receive an invitation if you are selected for this glamorous event.

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President of Astronomical Research Institute, Sri Lanka Researcher and Lecturer in Astronomy Microbiologist (Profession) Group Quality Control Specialist at ORANA.DK (Current Appointment) Diploma in Quality Management (SLSI) Graduated in Astronomy and Astrophysics (International School for Young Astronomers - (IAU) B.Sc Hons. Microbiology (Sp.) - University of Kelaniya Hon. Mention Diploma in Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA, China) ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Assessor in SLAB Former National Point of Contact for Sri Lanka at United Nations' Space Generation Advisory Council. Former Trainer and Lecturer for Sri Lanka Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad (2011 - 2016) Team Member for research team members at IASC, AAVSO,...


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