(Photo : We learn about our home before we explore Mars)

Kuala Lumpur 2018, Numbers of 407 Malaysia kids has been exposed with Nasa Insight Mars landing event end of November in 2018. The objective of the program is exposed our kids with planet Mars Planet and human exploration. The event has been organized into 2 phase, Pre and posts landing.

The pre-landing event participated by 122 kids divided into 2 session day after another. During the pre-session, participant learns details and explore planet Mars. They also have been taught about insight mission and what they can expect during the insight landing. All of them excited watching insight probe rocket launch and insight landing simulation. Participant ware also gets a chance to observe sun photosphere and learn about our nearest star.



There were 4 sessions for the post-landing event attended by 265 numbers of kids. Kids in this session watch a real video of insight landing sequence. They also learn and explore planets Mars and insight mission. Solar observation is also included in the session and they were privileged to observe sun Chromosphere using Coronado telescope.


(Above photo : kids observing Coronosphere using Coronado Telescope. Down observing sun photosphere with a filtered telescope)


We get lots of awesome feedbacks, parents share their experiences, their kids never stop talking about what they learn and experience in the camp, some of them even draw a mission on Mars and become curious on the planets and do self-exploration and learning by themselves. As a result, parents and kids asking for more program in the future.



Apadilangit ; Universe Awareness Malaysia the program organizer, plan to organize more event to celebrate 100 years of IAU in 2019. There will be more activities including programs for special kids, especially for blind and deaf.



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