On November 20th 2018, The UAE Astronomy Group & Astronomers Without Borders organized an outreach program at a local elementary school in Dubai’s Motor City. 4 presentations lasting 1 hour each were given throughout the day, reaching a total of 240 children.

The specific goals were as follows:

  • Complement the ongoing study of astronomy in the school’s science department.

  • Build the awareness and belief that amateur astronomy is for everyone.

  • Introduce students to astronomical equipment and show them the basics of using it.

  • Advise students on how to get started, and what objects for beginners are the most satisfying to observe (with binoculars / small telescopes).

The presentation agenda was as follows:

  1. Introduction to astronomy.

  2. Learning the basics about binoculars & telescopes.

  3. Watching videos taken of planetary observations.

  4. Tips on how to get started.

  5. Solar observations through a Coronado telescope.

The key learning from this event was that the children appreciated the videos of planetary observations very much, and it was a big motivator for them to declare their desire to begin doing amateur astronomy. Hands-on telescope experience was also appreciated – although the videos filled a void created by the presentation being done during the day.

Anybody who has joined Astronomers Without Borders as a result of our outreach at the Motor City Elementary School in Dubai should look out for future events.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding our event, please feel free to contact us. If anybody would like a copy of the materials that we use during our school outreach programs, please contact UAE National Coordinator, Roger Hambleton.

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