6 October 2018 - Apadilangit (Universe Awareness Malaysia) organized Malaysia Space Camp in conjunction with World Space Week 2018. Main objective of this camp is to inspire Malaysia young generation with our wonderful cosmos. It is also to promote global citizenship. 30 primary schools students around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor participated in this event.

Most of the activities are hands-on activities. Students work in groups of 5 and do the activities given. Participants are asked to write their Cosmic address and later exploring our solar system with puzzle and crossword puzzle. The fun part is building sun, earth and moon orbit model. They also participate in solar observation in the morning. Later in the afternoon, they were introduced to the history of astronomy by visiting a replica of  Stonehenge and we do activities there.


From our observation kids are curious to know what is actually happening out there in space. Numbers of questions are advanced level as the students already interested in space and learn by themselves. We hope we can develop a sustainable program for these kids.

Hafez Murtza
Apadilangit; Universe Awareness Malaysia
Fb link : Apadilangit


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