In the name of Jorge Barboza, Lucas Fiori Izaias and Marcos Antonio Amateur Astronomers and Founders of the Group of Astronomical Studies of Iguaraçu - PR (GEAI) in partnership with Astronomers Without Borders, GaeA - Support Group in Astronomical Events, Neither sky is the limit and Astronomy Universe and Canoa Grande Soft Radio and we also thank the astronomy friends of the region: Cas Astronomy Sarandi, Carlos Alberto Cawahisa Cawahisa and Marco Antonio Leme for the support they gave us and I would like to thank Izabely Sartori and Larissa Bossi for the invitation and also for helping us in the organization and collaboration of this wonderful event for the scientific divulgation that took place on 06/23/2018 in the square of the main church in the municipality of Angulo - Parana Brazil.

In addition to our public astronomical observation of the Moon, the planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), star clusters, stars, nebulae, etc. We also made new friendships, taught theoretical and practical contents, and most importantly, through this, we are increasingly disseminating and popularizing Astronomy and its sister sciences not only here in the region and in our country but in the World as well, since this is and will continue to be the primary goal of our group today and forever.  #We get the next opportunity next.



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    Astronomer Amateur, Scientific Discloser and Founding President of the Group of Astronomical Studies of Iguaraçu - PR better known as: GEAI.


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