On 09/03/2018 I was at the Municipal School Francisco Diniz at the request of two teachers of the 4th year of Elementary School to talk about Astronomy and the BRAMON-Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, a network that I have been part of since 2016 operating the CMS1- MG in Luminárias, state of Minas Gerais and also publicizing our work in schools and colleges looking for more stations. During the classes, which were held in the morning and afternoon shift with duration of 1h 30m each, topics such as the Universe, Solar System and Celestial Bodies were addressed. The development of the class took place through images of the celestial bodies and simulations carried out with the software Cartes du Ciel and Celestia for a better understanding on the part of the same ones. The different types of galaxies and stars were shown, as well as meteors and other phenomena that BRAMON cameras can capture. The interest on the part of the students was very great in relation to the meteorites and tectitos that were taken. This can be very useful in a few years, we just need this interest to remain unchanged, after all, every child is born a scientist, the adults who take it out of them.4fa8b264 ee08 4d29 bbe7 31ac5b18bb0c90f6ba75 ffb6 4cfc a924 321f45920a48d4ce2060 d599 40be b0c7 ea9e0e2f2f1e


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    About Me

    I'm an amateur astronomer and pedagogy studdent. Love to look to the sky since i was 6 yars old. Im a member of Brazilian Meteor observation Network.


    Location:Luminárias, Minas Gerais