we hold astronomy workshop in Moalem highschool, for motivated girls student.

we discussion about Aliens, hot news about exoplanets, trip to mars and how we can be an astronomer, etc.

photo 2017 05 04 23 28 3932

photo 2017 05 04 23 28 3312



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I was born at shiraz, Iran in 1997. when I was 7 years old, I saw Hale-Bopp comet and I passion for astronomy. In middle school I started study astronomy and in high school I was more activity as I selected physics major in university. Since high school I have good social relations and very like to work in team. I study Bachler of Physics, and master of astrophysics, at my thesis I worked on observational cosmology with Artificial neural network. Now I teacher and volunteer member in Astronomical society of Iran My interesting topic: Observational cosmology, Galaxy evaluation, AGN,...


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