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As part of a series of widefield astrophotography workshops, BeirutVersus set up in the dark skies of Kfardebian, Lebanon on Sunday June 12th, targetting the Rho Ophiucci region of the sky. Tracking the sky, an hour long exposure of 30 images were taken, showing the dark nebulae in that region, the reflection off the stars in that region.

Live astrophotography goes a long way in displaying the wonders of the sky, a method that we see as slightly more efficient than the use of telescopes, as long exposures, even unprocessed, yield great details off the night sky.

Planning also went into a wide field image of the Milky Way above a pond being used to irrigate the area in a Juniper reforestation attempt.

More info could be found on:


The following are a selection of the event.

DSC 8226 2

DSC 8178

DSC 0231


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