IMG 1896CISK Kurdistan organizes a science fair on a large scale annually. This year (also previous one) AOYA was at the heart of this magnificent event. AOYA kids and members displayed a variety of exhibits including an intriguing photo gallery depicting several astrphotograpy images shot by members, 3 different types of Celestron telescopes and a rare asteroid/meteorite fragment of almost 95% iron and 5% cobalt and nickel.

AOYA valued members explained to the countless number of visitors all about the importance of astronomy and astrophysics as a key to understanding the universe and where did we come from and where we are heading.

"We are literally STARDUST", was the main briefing our kids endeavored to help visitors understand, and that all of the 92 elements were forged and made in the core of  dying massive stars.

AOYA members will persist in spreading out the essential knowledge that will help us to better understand the world around us.

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    We are living for one goal; to educate school kids and the public in the Kurdistan Region (northern Iraq) of Astronomy and related sciences to help them better understand and appreciate the world around them. We believe this vital knowledge will further implant the spirit of accepting differences (religions, politics, social and cultural) among the youth and grown up people.of this region.


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