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Hello everybody,

Here in Belgium, we had a clear sky during the 3 first hours of transit, with a quality of the sky transparency of 9/10. Contacts 1 & 2 could be observed, and pictures were taken. Unfortunately, the sky then come quickly to be cloudy, and observations were definitively not possible. By tradition, the weather in Belgium is against any observation when something special is to observe, something like that Scottish-people well known ... So this time, it was a little different! I was in contact with my friend Michel Deconninck (Aquarellia) to prepare this event, and were very sad to read from him that in France, observations were impossible...

During the 3 first hours of transit, lot of pictures were taken, to take part in the mercury  parallax campaign study. Very exciting to participate ... I am awaiting next campaign !!

I wish you all to find best skies for your futures observations ...






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    Location: Ottignies, Belgium.


    Location:Ottignies, Belgium