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We have recently concluded a month long series of Astronomy Camps from our high altitude site (2300m) in the Himalayas. 

During this time we hosted student groups from Kolkata India and Lahore Pakistan. All in 60 students attended 3 consecutive camps held from late March to mid of April. 

Conditions at the campsite (Jungle Livinn Resort) are exceptional. This region is well known for its consistent clear skies and steady seeing conditions. Whilst the nearby township of Shimla (20km) has some resulting light pollution the views to the north, east and west are truly dark. 

Our set up is 3 celestron C8 Cassegrains and a Skywatcher 80mm refractor on a Losmandy GM8 Mount. We also have a Coronado Solarmax 2 telescope for sun observations in Ha, and  a suite od DSLR cameras and tripods with a variety of lenses and adaptors. 

Included is the very useful I-Nova PLAC2 camera we use for planetary photogrpahy. 

The 4 day 3 night camp experience for the students has a strong emphasis on astronomy and learning to use the telescopes and photographic equipment.



jupiter86stxb Parrticipants range in age from 13- 17 years of age. Many come to this camp especially to utilize the opportunity to get time on high quality astronomy equipment. The photographs of Jupiter shown here were taken by students from the St Xaxviers College Kolkata. 

We encourage the students to use the telescopes and photographic equipment and are on hand to guide them as such. 

After nearly 4 weeks of intensive night time observations we are happy to show some of the results here.IMG 1195low res


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    I work as a STEM content developer in India. As part of my work i organize and conduct Astronomy Camps in high altitude sites in the Himalayas for school students and special interest groups. (Astrotrek). I have been an amateur astronomer for 40 years.


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