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In conjunction of Malaysia Partial Solar Eclipse on 9 March 2016,I  organized an awareness campaign for schools,teachers and students across Malaysia.Objectives of the campaign are to create awareness about partial solar eclipse,encourage schools to organize event on the day and to get students and teachers across Malaysia to engage and participate via online platform.Therefore,I’ve created a site for teachers and students references and place to share their excitement and activities they organized.


This learning site is a Virtual Learning environment (VLE) platform called ‘Frog’ provided by the Ministry of Education for all Malaysian schools and students and owned by FrogAsia Sdn Bhd.It consists of several tabs with introduction to solar eclipse,details on Malaysia Partial Solar Eclipse and tabs for students and teachers to participate using Padlet.Click here for the site  (


For two weeks, this site gets 1898 clicks from 11 countries mostly from Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Germany, Indonesia, UAE, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Asia/Pacific Region and South Korean.Teachers and students posted their excitement and activities in the space given.TheTotal posts from teachers and students are about 403 posts.They posted pictures, words of excitement and wishes for the eclipse.The responses from teachers and students were awesome and they thanked for the information and guide in the site.One of the schools in Kuala Lumpur “Sekolah kebangsaan Sultan Hishamudin”  is using this site in teaching and learning.Students  watch video in the site and participate in the padlet.The school also organized quiz for students and 40 students have their chances to visit  and participate in National planetarium during eclipse day.I’ve got a few more sharing from teachers from other schools organizing activities on the eclipse day.


 Collection of schools participation before and after solar eclipse.


It is an awesome campaign to reach all Malaysian students and schools.Using technology in teaching Science and nature to enhance understanding, I hope this small effort will spark curiosity,exploration and innovation spirits among Malaysian young generation.More action and  momentum are needed to ensure our youngster keep wondering and asking questions that leading them to new discovery.For me the best way is to keep looking and wondering at the borderless sky above us.


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    05 April 2016
    syabas kawan, salam sejahtera dari Sarawak. ( well done my friend, greeting from Sarawak )
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