Sahda Haroon


There I met the Mars Mission project manager MR. Omran Sharaf and a few of the other people who work at MBRSC, their words were inspiring, they gave me a push like never before. Then came up an opportunity to be a part of the newly launched non-profit, called The Mars Generation, by Astronaut Abby. I joined it as an ambassador and then I was given a chance at my school to talk about the need for space travel and it went well except my voice. Then I got recognized at my school as an astronaut in training and after the speech kids came up to me, even my seniors and they were really glad in hearing my story. I knew that every opportunity I get is because of someone was there to inspire me and give me a push. MR. Omran showed me that and then with the help of Astronaut Abby and our principal I formed the Scholars Astro Club, at our school where my dreams all began. All the credit of my achievements inside the school goes to my principal who is a true supporter and the one who provides me with many opportunities that is really amazing.


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    About Me

    The night sky has always fascinated me. A picture of the Milky Way is where my dream of being an astronaut had begun. On my 11th birthday I was surprised with a Celestron telescope, after a little practise on the telescope I started turning my attention to planets and my first one was The red planet, Mars. Recently I saw Jupiter too. The more I use my telescope the more I want to go out there!


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