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Here in Belgium, the weather was also very clear (but damp )and foggy early in the morning. We appeared on our frenchspeaking commercial national TV station RTL-TVI:
The field of Ramillies (it was a battlefield between the Duke of Marlborough and Louis XIV in mei 1706) is our favorite observation area: when it was full moon, the entire area was lit up by its glare but once the Moon got hidden by Earth’s shadow, we could even see the Milky Way and numerous stars around the Moon !
This was the longest Moon eclipse I experienced and also at an unsusual timing:  from 1 tot 6 AM


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  • 30 September 2015
    Hello Belgium
    I’m very happy that you were successful for this event !
    I really like the way you are organising this very original small wild observatory area.
    I’m living in Artignosc-sur-Verdon, and here the weather was really bad, but,… as coming from the far North, I’m able to wait for a hole in the clouds. I’m in Provence but my sun in law is living in Ramillies so I know your interesting project, hope to meet you there.
    Keep us the good work !
    Michel Deconinck
  • 06 December 2016
    Hi Michel! Now it's colder than it was at Paris for the RCE! :-)
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