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Astronomy training report, creativity with physics and aero-space:

This team work was held as the result of attempts made by female high school of Shahid Fallahi and Science and Cosmology of Haft Asman in Alborz, Karaj, Iran and the report is as follows:

Preliminary astronomy trainings:

In this period which lasted for 10 days, students were first familiarized with basic concepts like stars, planets, galaxy, comet and theories about the creation of the universe were discussed. Then the sun, our only star in solar system was studied. Concepts like light and warmth of the sun, physics of the sun, nuclear reaction and its distance with other planets were also considered.

Students eagerly observed the biggest star of the solar system via a 6 inch telescope in school yard. There were so many questions in their minds: how is the distance between the sun and other planets measured? Why are some planets far while others aren’t? Why are some stars red, blue and white? These questions made us make the concepts of stars and their death and birth clear for the students. Discussing topics like the way stars were born and died were so amazing for the students. Now we are familiar with the idea of stars and they can easily find seasonal stars at night. Also, navigation in deserts and at night were among the items taught to them thoroughly by the use of sky bodies.

In order to understand the concept of distance between planets and the sun, students were asked to make the miniature of solar system using simple tools like wood, wire and plastic and in order to make other students aware of mentioned ideas, they presented a summary which stabilized the concept in their minds.

The comparison of planets with each other and the study of life on other planets were also discussed in this training period. The reasons behind moon phases, eclipse and lunar eclipse were discussed and their miniatures were made with materials like fume.


One of the most interesting areas of astronomy are space organizations, space crafts, shuttles, satellites and missiles. In order to make students familiar with space stations, spacemen’s journey to the outer space and the manner of transferring them to stations as blue missiles, the physics and even chemistry laws related to the fuel of missiles were given to students and after two sessions of training, students sent their missiles in school yard.

Scientific-educational competitions:

  • Holding different competitions about physics, aero-space were among plans in the educational period. There was a competition of saving an egg where students threw their eggs from the altitude of 8 meters via making special equipment in a way that they could land without getting hurt.
  • The competition of balloon machines which familiarized students with laws of interaction including attractive and thrilling scientific competitions. The designed part moved through a balloon and the winner passed a longer distance in the smallest possible amount of time.

Scientific programs:

  • Holding a program titled as astronomy in Quran verses and Islamic quotes
  • Light pollution and its effects on night sky

Creativity workshop with physics:

Since there is a notable connection between astronomy and physics, a workshop tilted as creativity with physics was held for the students where students could conduct creative and attractive experiments regarding light, heat, conductivity, pressure, etc.,

Light workshop:

Because of the international year of light, a workshop titled as light and the phenomenon resulting from it in the world of human race was held for the students and physics teachers. In this workshop students got to know rainbows, mirage, sunset and sunrise and alike.


The result of the educational period was a two day gallery from handmade parts and attractive presentations by students for students from other schools in Karaj and their parents also participated in the gallery. Students arranged their gallery in parts like setting off marine missiles, astrological handmade parts (solar timer, arctic and antarctic figures and lunar phases), sunset and sunrise, analysis of the documentary known as cosmos, analysis of astronomy in verses of Quran and Islamic quote, presentation of astrological articles and related papers, an exhibition of creative physics and chemistry experiments and an introduction to stars through planetarium and observing solar stains in two days, whose related visual report is about to be presented.

This trend had a crucial effect on students’ interest in learning physics, chemistry and mathematics and because of their acquaintance with fascinating concepts of science, they can now be successful in their future careers.


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  • 28 July 2015
    Wonderful program! This is a great accomplishment. Khast-e nah boshid!

    Mike Simmons
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