Here is the illustration of how we do what we do.  The moon on the ceiling is a rough composite to show the setup. The camera/adapter/lense combination is a temporary setup to show what’s possible.

Any old camera lense and telescope eyepiece seems to work, and just needs an adapter tube.  I plan on that setup being a guiding system with a screen available to the public also, to see the objects ahead of the actual naked eye view, at public events.

With NSN we have a facility that works, it also works well for re-streaming, and we now know how to get video in and out of cameras/computers and the web, and we are building pages of illustrated images to share the techniques.  It’s progressed on my facebook galleries, and in time I will update my main website accordingly. The difficulty is still human resource, as always, we need more people with passion to do stuff.
Paul Moss (Sharing Space - NZ)


Paul Moss (Sharing Space - NZ)



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