About 70 people visited the interesting lecture of Matthias Wolf about "Navigation and Astronomy" - a real globally theme!
70 people more in Austria who got to know about GAM and Astronomers Without Borders ;-)
The planned observing session after the talk didn't happen because the weather was very wet and rainy :-(

In this lecture Wolf explained the essentials of astronomical navigation using three-dimensional computer graphics.

What looked like a simple screensaver turned out being right angel triangles in a Thalescircle, converting and subscribing a dangerous coastal landscape needful to circumnavigate. The simple geometric landscape converts to the earth globe, the baseline leads to the stars and a following 3D model described, why we have to measure minimum of two heights of visible stars. Finally the functioning of GPS was explained, again using interactive computer graphics for better understanding.

Here is the original link to the German written WAA-Report.

Report given by my astro-colleague Alexander Pikhard from Vienna Astronomy Association

Johannes Stübler
AWB National Coordinator for AUSTRIA




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