GAM2019Opticks 400

OPTICKS is a live Networked Performance between the Earth and the Moon, during which images are transmitted to the Moon and back as radio signals in real time.

This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. To take part send us images that remind you of this momentous event. If selected, your images will be reflected off the Moon's surface as part of the 'OPTICKS/Echoes from the Moon' live performance.

The images you send in can be: photos taken during the actual event or photos that remind you of this great moment in history. Even if you were not born yet, you might have studied the Moon landing at school or listened to your parents or grandparents talk about it, so images that remind you of those times will be perfect.

Send your images to Daniela de Paulis at [email protected] to have the unique opportunity to see your image sent to the Moon!

Read more about OPTICKS here.