AstroEDU Activity of the Day

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April 20 The Levitating Astronaut activity uses the amazing power of magnets to help children learn about magnetism and gravity. View the activity here.

April 19 The classic snakes and ladders game is replaced by rockets and comets in this astronomy themed version. The game is challenging and interactive way to learn various astronomical objects while moving your way to the winning square as space travellers. View the activity here.

April 18 It is very dangerous to look directly at the Sun, even briefly. In this craft activity, you will create a safe viewer so you can look at the Sun without damaging your eyes. View the activity here.

April 17 Students participate in a global campaign to observe and record the faintest visible stars as a means of measuring light pollution in a given location. By locating and observing the constellation Orion in the night sky and comparing it to stellar charts, students from around the world will learn how the artificial lighting in their community contribute to light pollution. Student contributions to the online database will document the visible night time sky. View the activity here.

April 16 Converting the visual to tactile experience, this activity lets visually impaired students learn about and explore our star, Sun, and its main characteristics. View the activity here.