May0218NewsletterA 600

Hello AWB Community!

Thank you for such an outstanding Global Astronomy Month 2018. Some quick facts:

We had over 150 events for the Global Star Party. Wow!

Over 1K+ viewers have seen our Art Meets Science: Impact of Chesley Bonestell and Exploring the Moon and Beyond videos.

We've highlighted a few clubs in the hope that we can encourage you to connect with people, like you, who love astronomy. For example, if you are interested in astronomy stories in indigenous communities, connect with Gunstar Team Goias Astro Clube (featured below). Share the videos. Tell people about our campaign to send 20 telescopes to schools in Puerto Rico.

Stay tuned for our GAM wrap up which will happen later in May - we'll let you know when that's happening!

Thanks again and clear skies!