The new-found quasar J1342+0928 is 40 trillion times brighter than the Sun & contains a black hole 800 million times more massive than the Sun. At 13.1 billion light-years from Earth it's the most distant known quasar as of early this year. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

Need oxygen? White dwarf KIC 08626021 is mostly oxygen at its center, per data from the Kepler satellite. Kepler found telltale vibrations that depend on the interior makeup of the star. The Earth-sized object is about 1,400 light-years from the Sun. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

Over 2,000 pulsars were found since the first one in 1967. Each is just city-size but more massive than the Sun & spinning fast. Beams of pulsar radio waves or X-rays flash by Earth like clockwork. They may be used to steer future probes through space. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

You can't look through radio telescopes, but you can tour them & learn what they do. Head for the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia ( ) or the Jansky Very Large Array in New Mexico ( ). #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

The spiral structure of galaxies was discovered in 1845 by the Third Earl of Rosse, who built the world's then-largest telescope. His sketch of what we now call the Whirlpool Galaxy with his 72-inch reflector vividly resembles a modern telescopic photo. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact