April 7 and 14, 2017

photoAs part of Global Astronomy Month 2017 we are presenting two podcasts on the topic of Art and Science collaboration. Hosted by Mike Simmons, president and founder of Astronomers Without Borders and Daniela de Paulis, founder and creative director of the AstroArts program, the podcasts feature a selection of artists who have been presenting their work on our website throughout 2016.
The podcasts focus on the experiences of each of the artists whilst working alongside scientists at NASA and SETI, amongst other institutions. All the artists in the panel have a different art practice, some are painters, others are installation and media artists, we will hear how each of them is embedding space science and astronomy in his or her work and how art and science are not so far apart after all and can even benefit from interdisciplinarity. We hope you will enjoy the panel discussions and that you will find them thought provoking as much as we did.

Image credit: Lucy West (top), Arthur Woods (middle), Bettina Forget (bottom)


Podcast 1 - Available April 7


Lucy West

Arthur Woods

Bettina Forget

Jon Ramer


Podcast 2 - Available April 14


Nicole Stott

Ludwig Pasenau

Per Bifrost, Aléxander Ryneus

Simon Kregar


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