April 12, 2015


Let's celebrate our star, the Sun! Awareness and appreciation of the Sun are all you need to participate. 

Throw your own SunDay Party or join us for our live Hangout!

This year we are celebrating SunDay with a live hangout from Brazil! The Google+ Hangout hosted by AWB President Mike Simmons from a solar outreach event in Campos dos Goytacazos, Brazil, at the end of the 8th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics. Attendees at the conference include AWB board member Anousheh Ansari, the AWB co-national coordinator for Germany, Gernot Meiser, and Patrick Miller who runs the GAM IASC Asteroid Search Campaign. The event starts at 14:00UT. CANCELLED due to technical difficulties.

 Planning a SunDay event?

Find plenty of activities, including Observing the Sun for Yourself, at the Stanford Solar CenterHold a solar viewing like this one (right) in Oman for SunDay in GAM2014.

What if it’s raining? Be ready for an indoor program with a presentation of “The Sun: Our Nearest Star” from Galilean Nights (available in English, French and Portuguese). 

Look at The Sun Now via the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory or contact your local astronomy club to find a solar viewing event. Remember, NEVER look directly at the Sun.

Don't forget to register your event!

Involving people with visual impairment:

  • Amazing Space - downloadable images from the Hubble Telescope for printing on microcapsule paper.

  • SEE Project - Space Exploration for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Information on the Sun and sunspots

Check out our Observing Resources and People with Disabilities Astronomy Resources.

Share your SunDay images of outreach, solar photography, or tell us that you love the Sun on Facebook, the Flickr group, or Tweet using #GAM2015 hashtag (@gam_awb).

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