GAM 2015 is now winding down. Our closing event is one that can't be missed! OPTICKS will take images from the Earth to the moon and back with the help of two radio telescopes - one based in Italy and one in the Netherlands.

The Dwingeloo radio telescope located in the Netherlands is manned by Jan van Muijlwijk who once dreamed of Earth - Moon - Earth radio contacts. Jan got his chance in 2006 when he heard of the Dwingeloo laboratory. He helped to rescue this first ever 25 m dish that is perfect for EME. He says, "the amazing strong signals it produces and receives from the moon!" are great for the concert.


Sharing the technical transmissions to and from the moon is Nando Pellegrini who is an amateur radio telescope enthusiast. He was first interested in radio transmission by being active in short wave as phone and Morse code operator and only during the last decade was dedicated to the much more challenging target in weak signal communication. He built his own amateur setup and is able to communicate via moon bouncing in the micro wave spectrum.

Join in this concert where art meets science as these radio transmission masters help our resident AstroArtist, Daniela de Paulis put together a beautiful concert of music and pictures featuring art from Apollo Astronaut Alan Bean and a photo from fellow Apollo alum, Charlie Duke.