This year's Stars for All broadcast was a wonderful tour of galaxies and globular clusters. Host astrophysicist Gianluca Masi lead viewers through interesting facts about the "faint fuzzies" that were first seen by Messier and the like. (Just a sneak peak of what's to come in the Messier Marathon on April 22.)

Unfortunately, our journey was cut short due to weather, however the objects that we did see were marvellous. Here's a sample:

The Needle Galaxy - NGC 4565 (Top), Globular Cluster - M3   (Bottom-Rt), Whirlpool Galaxy - M51 (Bottom Lft)The Needle Galaxy - NGC 4565 (Top), Globular Cluster - M3 (Bottom right) 
& Whirlpool Galaxy - M51 (Bottom left)

To accompany the tour of the sky, AWB in conjunction with the University of Valencia, the cosmos was brought to the visually impaired for the first time. While Gianluca was narrating, the same images were output in a format that can be printed out on swell paper. A process that allows the dark areas to be embossed on this special paper. One more border broken by AWB continuing to promote the logo "One People, One Sky"!

Here is an example of the inverse photos that were taken. All images can be downloaded in easily printable pdf format on our GAM 2015 Stars for All webpage.

The Needle Galaxy - prepared for the visually impaired.