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GAM2013 10Ways


Astronomers Without Borders and its partners have a rich schedule of programs and events for Global Astronomy Month 2013 (GAM2013), all designed to inform and inspire the public.  Here are 10 ways you can get involved:

1. Take part with an event of your own, and register your event on the GAM website so others near you can join in.  If you are part of an astronomy club, planetarium or public observatory, bring your local community into this international program.

2. Coordinate your event with an astronomy group in a neighboring country, as part of “Thirty Nights of Starpeace,” a global project that shares the starry-night experience across national borders, one segment of the globe at a time, on successive nights throughout April.

3. Use social media to keep in touch. Join the conversation on Twitter using #GAM2012, share your pictures on Flickr or be our friend on Facebook.  Enjoy following the GAM blog, with a new blogger every day in April.  Finally, spread the word via journalists, bloggers, etc. about your GAM events.

4. Sponsor the world's largest astronomy outreach event. Sponsorships opportunities are available for the entire month and for select, market-targeted programs. Download the GAM 2013 Sponsorship Package or contact AWB President Mike Simmons.

5. Promote awareness of the value of dark and starry skies.  GAM programs that help you do this include: GLOBE at Night, which invites citizen-scientists to measure and report their night-sky brightness; International Dark-Sky Week (5-11 April); and the International Earth and Sky Photo Contest.

6. Participate in online observing events from the Virtual Telescope in Italy, hosted by Gianluca Masi.  Scheduled are: Messier Marathon, 1 April; Walking on the Moon, 18 April; Stars for All, 20 April; Around the Ringed Planet, 27 April; and Cosmic Depths, 30 April.

7. Check out the AWB AstroArt program, which aims at bridging gaps between the arts, science, astronomy and culture.  Enjoy thought-provoking works on the arts and science, probing and questioning their interaction and limits.  A rich mix of films and presentations through the month culminates in the live, online Cosmic Concert with Giovanni Renzo on 28 April.

8. Let your telescope lead you to our featured observing events: Moon Watch, Jupiter Watch, Saturn Watch, Lyrid Watch, SunDay, and—last but not least—the Global Star Party on 20 April.  Click here for the full schedule of observing dates.

9. Hold a nostalgic space party on Yuri’s Night, April 12—a global celebration of humanity’s past, present, and future in space.  Yuri’s Night parties and events are held around the world every year to commemorate Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first manned spaceflight on April 12, 1961.

10. Enter the GAM2013 Astropoetry Contest Astropoetry Contest—or, if you’re a teacher, encourage your students to enter.  Poems should be submitted between 1 and 30 April.  They may be of any length, but they should be about astronomy, space, or the night sky.  They should be in English.  There are three categories: Children grades 1-6; Young Adults grades 7-12; and Adults, age 18 or over..