GAM2013 News

Sunday-2013 200xIf you go outside on a clear, dark night, you’ll see about 2,000 stars. During the day, though, there’s only one left to see, but it is a glorious thing! Our Sun. Join Astronomers Without Borders and stargazers around the world on April 7 to celebrate SunDay for Global Astronomy Month. It is a global star party watching our closest stellar neighbor, no matter where in the world you are. Plan a SunDay event with a local astronomy club or school. Please remember, NEVER look directly at the Sun. Only observe through approved solar filters.

Watch the sun on April 7--and then follow its changes from day to day--through the eyes of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite at The Sun Now. SDO is now near the midpoint of its five-year mission cruising 36,000 km above Earth to study the sun's nearly immeasurable energies and its impact on space weather.

Sun Day is one of the programs which Astronomers Without Borders will host or collaborate in for Global Astronomy Month, April 2013.