GAM2013 News

Online observing 200xAstronomers Without Borders and the Virtual Telescope project invite everyone to join in a new series of free online observing events taking place throughout April’s Global Astronomy Month!

The remote observing sessions will be held live and will take participants on:

  • a marathon run of the night sky’s deep sky objects from the Messier catalogue (1 April, 18:00 UT),
  • a journey to our Moon (18 April, 19:00 UT),
  • a global star party (20 April, 21:00 UT),
  • a voyage to the planet Saturn (27 April, 22:00 UT),
  • a trip into the depths of the cosmos, visiting the most distant objects in the Universe (30 April, 19:30 UT). 


This is the fourth consecutive year of the Virtual Telescope’s participation in GAM activities. Hosted by Dr. Gianluca Masi, these events attract hundreds of viewers from many countries all over the world.  They are indeed highly popular sessions which allow anybody with an internet connection to explore the Universe from a PC, guided by Dr. Masi who comments and answers questions in real time.  

Participants can also chat with each other after connecting at