GAM2013 News

Global-Star-Party-2013 200xGAM’s ultimate observing event is the Global Star Party—a time to come out under the stars, bridge gaps across the seas, and join your brother and sister skywatchers in proving that the world is “One People, One Sky.”  When we turn our gaze upward, all religious, national, cultural and political barriers fade into the darkness.

Other than the set date—Saturday, April 20th, local time—there is no formal agenda. Amateur astronomers have proven to be incredibly creative when organizing events, so we encourage you to show what you can do!  We do, however, encourage everyone to expand the time beyond the regular evening events—starting early with solar activities and continuing until late evening.  Everyone should choose the activities that fit their community and personal preference.  We are encouraging everyone to think in new directions and try new methods of outreach, but want everyone to be comfortable in their choice of events.  For some specific ideas click here.


Be sure to register your event with AWB online and to come back afterwards and fill out your event reports and post your photos.  We all want to see what our friends around the world are doing!

Also, after your event, share your experience with the world on Facebook or the Flickr group and Tweet using #GAM2013 hashtag (@gam_awb).