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Jupiter Watch 2013 200xJupiter will be directly overhead after sunset on Saturday, April 6, 2013.  That means it's a great time to observe Jupiter—with the added pleasure of knowing that thousands of people in cities and towns around the world will be sharing the GAM JupiterWatch experience with you that evening.

Jupiter has been a source of wonder since Galileo first pointed his telescope at it on January 7, 1610.  Galileo saw only three of Jupiter's four large moons that night, but he spotted the fourth the next night.  He correctly guessed that he was seeing satellites of Jupiter after watching their motions over several nights.  Today, we refer to them as Jupiter’s “Galilean moons.”

Here are some Jupiter-themed program ideas you may want to try:

Naked-Eye Observations: Chart the position of Jupiter, naked-eye, throughout the evening with local school groups.
Jupiter-Themed Star Parties: Host a star party at a local school or library, and have a corresponding art contest or have a local poet write and recite Jupiter-themed poetry.
Imaging: Hold your own astrophotography or astro-art contest.
Lectures: Hold a lecture at a public library, community organization meeting (Kiwanis, Lions clubs, etc.) or at a local bookstore.

Share your JupiterWatch images with us via GAM2013 Facebook or Flickr group or Tweet using #GAM2013 and/or #JupiterWatch hashtag (@gam_awb).