Explore Scientific, a manufacturer of quality optical instruments, is holding a Telescope and Eyepiece Sale through May 1, 2010 in celebration of NEAIC and NEAF April 15 to 18. If you're attending either event stop by the Explore Scientific booth to see the latest products and sale items.


The diverse abilities of Net-Source's in-house staff create an energetic, creative and resourceful group that gives Net-Source Technologies the ability to develop solutions in a time critical environment. The Internet and E-Business industries are constantly changing and evolving. Net-Source Technologies has proven its ability to be flexible and upwardly mobile to respond to change when necessary, conveying a sense of creativity and innovation. The difference is in the details.

Robert L. Eklund Writing Services

Bob Eklund ( is a freelance business writer as well as an astropoet, an amateur astronomer and the Editor of the AWB/GAM website. He provides writing and editing services ranging from improving and polishing the English in translated documents (from any source language) to writing/editing business correspondence, proposals, newsletters, and web pages. Author of a book of astropoetry and essays, "First Star I See Tonight" (see or email [email protected]), Bob is familiar with the reqirements of book editing and can assist with writing, editing, and proofreading book manuscripts. You may contact him at [email protected].