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AstroArtist of the Month - Bogi Fabian (4 of 4)

Time-Now From an early childhood, my interest was partly focused on the Mayan culture - known for its art, monumental architecture, advanced mathematics and a wide range of astronomical knowledge - but it hadn't been for a couple of years until I was able to learn more, in-depth information about them. I was limited by a lack or unwise use of time. Following years of planning, I created a physical day-to-day reminder, combining several, personally important aspects about time. Most of all, I wished to reflect on its unstoppable nature. That is how the idea came along to create a clock. The Mayans had a vastly different concept about the passing of time. They considered it as a divine gift and they seemed to understand the connection between our solar system and the open star cluster of Pleiades - forming a gigantic spiral in the Milky Way. If we think of the 100 million year-old Alcyone 440 million light years away, the central star and the Pleiades as a cluster of only some 250 million years - it puts our minute lives into a largely different perspective. Over the years, I kept looking into the topic, trying to find some connections, and I started to realize that there have been only very few people who boldly tried to ask serious questions about where the road was taking us. No ancient philosophers as Homer, records of civilizations or modern science has been able to support us with answers concerning where we came from and where we... Read More..